Created by Awy99.


Zodiac Scorpio has white skin, medium purple eyes, dark purple hair, medium ears, small nose, and small mouth. He has cool and calm expression. When the powerbar is full he will wear a Darkule Scorpion helmet and he will has a dark purple scorpion's tail. He will attack the opponent and throw him to the sky every 5 seconds.

Power ShotsEdit

He has 2 power shots and a counter attack.

Poison Tail shot (Air shot) Edit

A giant dark scorpion will apear from the ground and he will attack the opponent's goal with its tail many times and he has 3 balls to shoted. if the opponent touches the ball the opponent will get poisonous ( become purple and random move ) for 7 seconds.

Zodiac Scorpio shot (Ground shot) Edit

He will draw a Zodiac Scorpio's symbol on the air and from the symbol the ball will go to the opponent's goal. If the player touches the ball the opponent will shining and disappear for 5 seconds.

Scorpion's Pinch shot (Counter attack) Edit

A giant scorpion will rush from the left screen to the opponent's goal and will hit the goal with the pinch. If the opponent touches the ball the opponent will get poisonous for 10 seconds.

Unlock RequirementsEdit

Win the Head cup 10 times with 60 jumps and 35 dashes in every match or unlock for 12,200,000 points.


He wears a Scorpion costume (S rank). It looks like a scorpion's tail on the top of your opponent's head. When you kick the opponent 4 times while wearing the costume, it will pin the opponent, he will glow purple and he will be slow (similiar to Cameroon's effect) for 5 secs.



DASH: +1

JUMP: +4

KICK :+3


Zodiac Scorpio is indentic with scorpion. Every Zodiac has a symbol

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