Zodiac Taurus is a character idea created by Awy99


He has brown skin, light brown hair, big red eyes, a big angry mouth, a medium nose, big ears, and he has a golden piercing like a bull through his nose. When the powerbar is full he will transform into a bull with long horns.

Power ShotsEdit

He has 2 power shots and 1 counter attack. His power shots called bull power shots

Horns Shot ( Air Shot ) Edit

His air shot called horn shot. A giant robo bull will appear and shot its horns twice to the opponent's goal. He has 3 balls and the last horn doenst has a ball inside. If the opponent touches the ball, the opponent will transform into a baby bull for 5 secs.

Bull's Eye Shot ( Ground Shot ) Edit

His ground shot called bull's eye shot, he will transform into a man holding red curtain and he will throw the curtain to the opponent's goal and after that the bull will run to the goal and hit the goal. If the opponent touches the ball the opponent will transform into baby bull for 6 seconds.

Head Shot ( Counter Attack ) Edit

The bull will apear and kick Zodiac Taurus to the opponent's goal. The ball is inside Zodiac Taurus and when the opponent touch the ball, the opponent will disapear for 8 seconds.

Unlock RequirementsEdit

Win the Head Cup with 60 different costumes and 60 different characters. or unlock for 12 M points


He wear a minotaur costume. it is S rank costume. can buy for 700,000 ( all + 4 ).

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