The zombie survivor is currently a character idea, comment what you think about it, and feel free to improve it... :) //FreddieP


The zombie survivor has short blonde hair, with bloodstains all over his face, he also has a scar on one of his cheeks. He also has a neutral face. (The on facing the player).


The zombie survivor has 2 different Power Shots: The first one is his Power Shot: When the zombie survivor activates his Power Button, he holds a bloody machete looks angry. Then when he unleashes his Power Shot, he screams "Zombie slayer-shot!", (He says zombie slayer slowly and shot fast, the same way as the Valentine guy says "Valentine shot!") then he throws the machete (With the ball) against the opponent, and if the opponent "catches" it, the opponent gets hung up with the machete through his breast inside his own goal for 6 seconds. If the opponent is The zombie, the machete then chops of The zombies head and the zombie collapses without being able to do anything for 5 seconds. The second one is his Counter Attack: When the Zombie survivor unleashes his Counter Attack, he says "Ready up!", then he grab a handgun and fires 2 shots against the opponent, which deals as much damage as much damage EACH as a bullet from the heavy machine-gun costume, then throws a frag grenade against the opponent, and if the opponent is close to it when it explodes, the oppoent gets thrown way for 4.5 seconds. (Similar to Saudi Arabia's Counter Attack).

Unlock RequirementsEdit

You must get all achievements against the Zombie Survivor (Or pay him for 2500000 points)


  • If the Zombie survivor gets touches to the zombie, he will melt into a green puddle for 1.5 seconds.
  • The Zombie survivor has the same voice as Z

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