Crimson flag

Kepler 452B's flag


Kepler 452B is a character idea by Aca soccer. He is 10 star character in Arcade (which means he is very hard to defeat, he jumps very high, most of the time uses dash, and it's like a real player controls him. He is also very good at countering power shots). He has very hard unlock requirements (which also makes him one very good character), and is something like opposite of first alien in game, Kepler 22B. His flag looks like a vortex of blood. He is also the last character in game.

Appearance Edit

His head shape is same like Kepler 22B, but his face is different. He has a big angry mouth with very sharp teeth, same nose as first Kepler, and his eyes are same, but a bit smaller. His head is crimson color, and his mark on his forehead is black and looks like an alien skull. When you click power, he will turn into a yellow ball, and then explode into a lot of lasers, and time will stop for 3 seconds. For time when time is stopped, an giant UFO will appear above place where Kepler 452B was when you clicked power. Kepler 452B will then jump from UFO on place where he was and match will resume. Kepler 452B will have an alien technology on him. In one hand he will carry a green, floating alien shield next to him, and n his other hand he will carry an alien gun. He will also have a strange metal boots, and an alien jet-pack. Each of those things give him a special ability. His gun shot laser every 4 seconds, and when opponent touch it, he will be surrounded by electricity for 3 seconds (for 3 seconds he can not jump, and also move very slow). When you use dash, his shield is activated. He will blink green, and will have very fast dash. If you use dash near opponent, shield will push him very hard in net (and will deal him huge damage). His jet-pack gives him special ability, where if you hold jump, he will activate. With jet-pack, he can fly up to air, and have unlimited fuel. That is good to use if ball is somewhere in air, so you can just fly to ball and activate power shot. His metal boots have most special ability. They can be used only when you are using jet-pack. When you are in air, and you are using jet-pack, you will get special button. It says SMASH!, and if you click it, boots will blink yellow,and you will fall from sky on ground very fast, and cause an explosion when you touch it. If you click on smash button when you are above opponent, you will fall on him, and he will explode and become unconscious for 1 second.

Damaged form Edit

If you damage Kepler 452B, he will get a special look like some characters. He will be much angrier, and yellow fire will come out from his eyes. When you click power, he will only loose 2 things: his shield and metal boots. Everything other will be there, but will look very damaged.

Power shots Edit

Kepler 452B has 5 different power shots: air power when he is not damaged, air shot when he is damaged, ground shot when he is not damaged, ground shot when he is damaged, and a counter attack that is always same.

Not damaged air shot: Fire Monster shot Edit

His air shot when he is not damaged is called Fire Monster shot Kepler 452B will say something in alien language, and then a big roar will be heared. Big fire monster will jump from sky on place where Kepler 452B is. The Fire monster has 2 big horns on his head, wings, 2 arms with 4 fingers on each hand, and 2 legs with 3 fingers on each foot. Monster also has sharp teeth and a lot of fire will come from his body, arms, legs, eyes and mouth. Monster will then walk to middle field (if he is already there he will not walk, but will only stay there), and will then roar at opponent. From his mouth, 4 fire balls will go on opponent. If opponent touch any of them, his controls will be switched for 4 seconds. After that, fire monster will get a whip of fire in his arm, and swung whip into goal. On top of whip is the ball. If opponent touches the whip and does not counter, he will be wrappen in whip for 6 seconds. Fire monster probably comes from planet Kepler 452B, like this character.

Not damaged ground shot: Alien Rhino shot Edit

His not damaged ground shot is Alien Rhino shot. First, Kepler 452B will again say something in alien language. Then, a roar will again be heared. From side of Kepler 452B's goal, one very big alien rhino will appear and one very small. That is one mother rhino and one baby rhino. They both have one very big horn, much larger than normal rhinos, have yellow legs,small red tail and red shell like body. Baby rhino will then run to opponent's goal. Opponent must avoid little rhino, because if he don't, rhino will punch him with horn in air and opponent will dissapear for 4 seconds. After that, mommy rhino will run to goal. In her horn is the ball. If there is no opponent near to stop her, she will score a goal 100%. If opponent touches her horn and does not counter, he will again be punched in air and dissapear for 4 seconds, and mommy rhino will run from field. This power is a bit weaker than air shot, because it is not very hard to avoid small rhino, but you must jump at right time.

Damaged air shot: Alien Plant shot Edit

Kepler 452B will pick up a seed. He will throw it to middle of the field, and a very big tree will grow up from seed. Treetop will will be very big and will be above whole pitch. Then, in treetop an alien fruit that looks like a pepper with mouth and sharp teeth will grow up. An earthquake will then appear, and peppers will fall down from treetop. If opponent touch any of peppers, pepper will explode and opponent will be turned into ash for 5 seconds. About 10-15 peppers will fall down, and after that Kepler 452B will pick up one pepper and put ball inside it. Then,he will throw pepper into goal. If opponent touch last pepper, it will bite him for head and he will be unconcious for 5 seconds. This power is not much hard to counter, because opponent must avoid all peppers and then counter last pepper with ball, which is not much hard, because pepper is straight line shot, but still first peppers can sometimes represents a big problem to avoid. This power is like a updated version of air shot of Thailand.

Damaged ground shot: Sharp claw Robot shot Edit

He will again say something in Alien language. After that, UFO will again appear. From UFO, another Kepler will appear in big robot suit. On suit is has mark KEPLER 1B. Alien inside is dark blue, and has totally same face like Kepler 22B, but has different mark on forehead. This alien probably comes from planet Kepler 1B. His robot has 2 legs, 2 arms with sharp claws like Super hero Wolverine. He also has cannon on his head. Alien is inside head. Cannon will first fire one bomb from cannon all at opponent, that will try to push him in net, and then he will fire second. Second ball can score a goal, but opponent can not counter. If opponent touch ball, he will get unconscious for 2 seconds. After second ball, robot will raise his both arms and claws will become much bigger. His head will deteach from body and will fly in air dissapearing. Body and hands of robot will then spin very fast,but his legs will stay same. Then, he will run very fast in goal. Inside body of robot is ball. If opponent touch claws and do not counter it, he will be sliced in half for 5 seconds. After that, robot will explode in many pieces that can make a problem to opponent, because he can not move becuase of them until they dissapear.

Counter Attack: Dino-bird shot Edit

He will again say something in alien language. A alien dinosaur like bird will appear. Bird like a bird most looks like an ostrich (small wings, big and strong legs and small head). Bird has purple feather, a big beak with sharp teeth and big claws on legs. Kepler 452B will jump on bird, and bird will raise wings. Wings will then become much bigger, and bird will raise in air. Bird will then point head in goal of opponent and very fast fly in there. In beak of bird is ball. While flying, bird will lower his legs, and try to catch opponent. If legs catch opponent,Kepler will 100% score a goal. If opponent jump and touch beak of bird (where is ball) but do not counter, bird will devour him and he will return for 4 seconds. Kepler will have an open goal chance. Counter attack is probably the weakest of all Kepler 452B's power shots, but is very fast, so can make a problem for opponent to counter.

Costume Edit

Netherlands hat

He wears SS Rank costume. His costume is called Netherlands costume. This costume is imitation of character Netherlands. On head of character that wears this costume will be small mechanical head of Netherlands. Every 4 seconds, Netherlands will open mouth and from his mouth a portal same like in Netherlands power shot (just a bit smaller) will appear and fly to opponent's goal. If opponent touch portal he will disappear for 5 seconds. If character that wears this costume touch portal, nothing will happen. This costume costs 6 000 000, and is one of special costumes that are imitations of powers shots of some characters.

Jump: +6

Kick: +4

Power: +7

Speed: +5

Dash: +3

Unlock requirements Edit

Upgrade power of all characters except those you need to pay for to maximum in Training mode, or unlock now for 1 000 000 000 points.

Trivia Edit

  • This character appears in ground shot of character Bermuda Triangle, an alien that appears in smaller ship.
  • This character has most power shots in game after Kepler 22B (but all powers of Kepler 452B are new, not used from others).
  • This is only character that has new button that you can click (a smash button when he has a power costume).
  • This character represents blood and death, and is something like an evil character in game.
  • A fire monster from his not damaged air shot represents Balrog, a fire demon from movie Lord of The Ring: Fellowship of The Ring.
  • A alien rhinos from his not damaged ground shot represent Reek, a rhino like creature from movie Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones.

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