Malaysia flag

Flag of Malaysia

This is an Ecuadorsoccer character idea. 


Malaysia has a serious looking face, whitish/brownish skin, short hair, medium and brown eyes, serious expression and small ears. Clearly looks of Asian descent.

Power Shots Edit

When Malaysia activates his Power Button, he transforms in an architect, with a helmet. He throws a screw every 4 seconds to knock and damage the opponent. 

Bus Shot (Air Shot)Edit

Malaysia will take the ball, and a bridge will appear in the stadium (at the height of the goal), along the bridge, 3 buses will run with 1 ball each one. If the opponent doesn't kicks the last ball, the last bus will sweep away him, out of the stadium for 5 seconds. Also if the opponent doesn't blocks the first and second ball it's goal. 

TBM Shot (Ground Shot)Edit

Malaysia drives a TBM (Tunnel boring machine) with the ball, the TBM will go straight to the goal as it shots a laser, it will flatten the opponent for 5 seconds if he doesn't kicks the ball.

Retry Rod Shot (Counter Attack)Edit

Malaysia shoots a steel rod with the ball, it knocks the oponent. 

Costume Edit

Malaysia wears the Costume idea/Lemon hat

Unlock Requirements Edit

Win the Major League without using jump and Power Shot.

Ecuadorsoccer (talk) 16:13, September 12, 2015 (UTC)Ecuadorsoccer

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