Appereance Edit

White skin, brown hair, medium eyes, a grey beard and an evil-looking smile. He wears a pirate hat (without the skull) and an eyepatch (also without the skull).

Power Shots Edit

He has two Power Shots and a Counter Attack.

Ground Shot (Cavarel Shot) Edit

A big caravel (a type of a ship) with a withe sail will appear on New Brunswik's side. It has a cannon on it's forecastle. New Brunswik will jump into the caravel and shoot a medium-sized cannonball into the opponent's net. If the opponent touches the cannonball, he will explode. It's not easy to counter however. The cannonball moves really fast (like Austria's Counter Attack).

Air Shot (Anchor Shot) Edit

The caravel will appear again, New Brunswik will jump into it, he'll drink some rum, he will grunt and throw the bottle into the opponent's net (it can hurt the opponent). Then New Brunswik will throw an anchor at the opponent's net (it moves a little bit slower). If the opponent touches the anchor, he will get squished (like Asura'a Power Shot Effect).

Counter Attack Edit

A cannon will appear in front of him and he will shoot a cannonball out of it, in a direction like Brazil's Power Shot.

Costume Edit

It's a baseball bat Costume (it throws baseball balls wich hurt the opponent).






Unlock Edit

Win the 1st place in Minor League without jump and Power Shot or pay 6.800.000 points.

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