Rome's Appearance Edit

Rome will have the appearance of Julius Caesar, brown hair,olive wreath, big nose and brown eyes. When you click his power button, then he will put on his roman armour, cape, and shield.

Air Shot Edit

Rome's air shot is called The ballista shot. When Rome gets the ball, he will hover back to his goal (similar to Asura) and fire a ballista. The ballista shoots shots in rows of 3 three times. The last rows will have the ball. (Triple shot).

Ground Shot Edit

Rome's ground shot is the gladius shot. As soon as Rome gets the ball, he charges at you and slams you back with his shield. Then he throws his gladius, which contains the ball.

Counter Attack Edit

Rome's counter attack will be the Greek fire shot. When Rome Counters the ball, he throws a torch of Greek fire, which explodes into a ball.

Rome Info Edit

All names of shots are modeled after roman weapons. When you press power, rome will keep throwing javelins at you, similar to Hungary with the sword.

Unlock method Edit

To unlock Rome, you must win the head cup with 45-50 counter attacks. Or you can pay 6,000,000 points.


Rome's coustume will be an SS rank costume. Here are its additions:

Speed: 0

Kick: 5

Jump: 2

Dash: 3

Power: 7

Still working on design!

640px-Flag of Rome.svg

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