Characters are the players that you control in the game. Except South Korea, every character needs to be unlocked in order to play with them. You can either complete their Unlock Requirements or buy the character with Points (Some Characters can't be bought with points, such as The Devil, Indonesia, Mon-K and Boxing). Currently, there are 77 Characters in the game, but D&D Dream are planning to add more of them in the future. All of them have special Power Shots.

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List of Current Characters

Update 1.0

Update 1.1

Update 1.2

Update 1.3

Update 1.4

Update 1.5

Update 1.6

Update 2.0

Update 2.1

Update 2.2

Update 2.3

Update 2.4

Update 3.0

Update 3.1

Update 3.2

Update 3.3

Update 3.4

Update 4.0

Update 5.0

Update 5.1

Update 5.2

Update 5.3

Update 5.4

Update 6.0

Update 6.1

Update 6.2

Update 6.3


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