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Some Head Soccer Characters resemble somebody from their own country, but there are also characters which totally resemble someone or something else. Those characters are listed here.


Lee Taemin and South Korea


Mike Tyson and Cameroon

Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev

Mikhail Gorbachev and Russia


Weegee and Spain


Eagle and United Kingdom

Screenshot 2016-04-09-20-02-19 1

Shanks and Mexico

Screenshot 2016-04-09-20-02-19 2

Asura (Asura's Wrath) and Asura (Head Soccer)

Screenshot 2016-04-09-20-02-25 1

Pharaoh Tutankhamen and Egypt

Screenshot 2016-04-09-20-02-25 2

Saiyan Gohan and Super Saiyan

Screenshot 2016-04-09-20-02-25 3

A leprachaun and Ireland

Screenshot 2016-04-09-20-03-41 1

Sun Wukong and China

Screenshot 2016-04-09-20-03-41 2

Leonidas I (300) and Greece

Screenshot 2016-04-09-20-03-49 1

A Maori and New Zealand

Screenshot 2016 - 4 - 9 - 6

A Viking and Sweden

Your mum

leader of the Jews and Israel

Screenshot 2016-04-09-20-04-40 1

Franz Ferdinand and Austria

Screenshot 2016-04-09-20-04-40 2

Darth Vader and Croatia

Screenshot 2016-04-09-20-04-40 3

The Terminator and Uruguay


Solid Snake and Hungary

Screenshot 2016-04-09-20-04-44 1

Dhalsim and India

Screenshot 2016-04-09-20-04-44 2

Bruce Lee and Hong Kong

Screenshot 2016-04-09-20-05-13 1

Rambo and Ecuador

Screenshot 2016-04-09-20-05-17 1

The Hulk and Mon-K

Screenshot 2016-04-09-20-05-17 2

God Enel and Czech Republic

Screenshot 2016-04-09-20-06-47 1

Kamina and Nepal

Screenshot 2016-04-09-20-06-47 2

Ryu and Georgia

Screenshot 2016-04-09-20-06-47 3

Sub-Zero and Indonesia

Screenshot 2016-04-09-20-06-53 1

Lara Croft and Ukraine

Screenshot 2016-04-09-20-06-53 2

Wonder Woman and Serbia


Jack O'Lantern and PumpKill

Screenshot 2016-06-23-21-01-16 1

Son Goku and Bulgaria


Red (Angry Birds) and Finland

Screenshot 2016-06-23-21-01-16 3

Green Pig (Angry Birds) and Finland

Honduras Characters which resemble others photo

Inuyasha and Honduras


Shoyo (Haikyuu) and Bolivia


Nishinoya (Haikyuu) and Bolivia

South Korea = Music Maker Le Taemin

Cameroon = American boxer Mike Tyson

USA = A disco guy from the '70s

Japan = A ninja

Russia = Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev

Spain = Weegee from YouTube Poop (Luigi Version)

France = a smoker

United Kingdom = Eagle from Street Fighter

Mexico = Shanks from One Piece

Cyborg = A robot

Kepler 22B = An alien

Portugal = Spider-Man from Marvel Comics

Devil = The devil

Canada = A Christmas guy and a clown

Poland = Human version of the Frankenstein

Chile = A native Indian Chilean

Asura = Hindu god Asura and appearance of Asura from game Asura's Wrath

Egypt = pharaoh Tutankhamen

Valentine = a clown

Super Saiyan = Saiyan Gohan from the anime Dragon Ball

Ireland = A leprachaun

People's Republic of China = Chinese monkey god Sun Wukong

Greece = Greek king Leonidas I

New Zealand = A Maori

Sweden = A Viking

Z = A zombie

Israel = Yehuda Glick, member of the Israeli Knesset.

Australia = a wizard

Luxembourg = a plant mutant

Romania = Count Dracula

Austria = Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary

Switzerland = a Swiss skier

Belgium = a rock star

Pluto = an anime character Colossal Titan from Attack on Titan

Croatia = Darth Vader

Uruguay = Combination of Arnold Schwarzenegger's Terminator, T-1000 and T-800

Hungary = a knight in the Middle Ages

India = Dhalsim from Street Fighter

Hong Kong = famous actor and kung fu master Bruce Lee

Ecuador = Rambo

Mon-K = A Hulk from Marvel Comics

Czech Republic = God Enel from One Piece (and they both resemble Japanese god Raijin)

Nepal = Combination of Franky from One Piece and Kamina from Gurren Lagan

Georgia = Ryu from Street Fighter

Indonesia = Sub-Zero from Mortal Kombat x

Ukraine = Lara Croft

Serbia = Wonder Woman from DC Comics

WatermelBot = A normal watermelon missing one slice

PumpKill = A Jack O'Lanter from Halloween

Bulgaria = Son Goku from the Dragon Ball series

Finland = Green Pig from the Angry Bird games

Honduras = Inuyasha from the anime Inuyasha

Fiji = Could be Zenyatta from Overwatch

Madagascar = A Basketballer

Norway = Junkrat from Overwatch

Mongolia = Liu Mao Hsing from Chūka Ichiban! (Cooking Master Boy)

The Philippines = A TeenGirl Baseballer from anime

Senegal = Sharkman

Silicon Valley = Professionalism Golfer from USA (Silicon Valley)