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All flags of the characters updated as of Update 5.3

This is a list with all flags of the countries in Head Soccer. Also are the Non-Countries on the page but most of them have smaller ones because we don't have bigger ones.

Version 1.0Edit

Update 1.1Edit

Update 1.2Edit

Update 1.3Edit

Update 1.4Edit

Update 1.5Edit

Update 1.6Edit

Update 2.0Edit

Update 2.1Edit

Update 2.2Edit

Update 2.3Edit

Update 2.4Edit

Update 3.0Edit

Update 3.1Edit

Update 3.2Edit

Update 3.3Edit

Update 3.4Edit

Update 4.0Edit

Update 5.0Edit

Update 5.1 Edit

Update 5.2 Edit

Update 5.3 Edit

Update 5.4 Edit

Update 6.0 Edit

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