This is a page about how to control your Head Soccer Character.

Control ButtonsEdit

Walk Buttons

Walk Buttons

There are only five buttons in the game for you to control your character: left, right, jump, kick, and power. If you tap on the left or right button, your character will move a step to his left or right depending on which button you pressed. If one of those two buttons is held, your character will continuously move to that side for as long as you hold it. If you swipe across one button, then your character will continuously move to that side, even after you let go of the button. The last attribute of these two buttons is the Dash attribute. If you tap on one of them twice repeatedly, then your character will dash to whichever side that button is pointing. The jump button makes your character jump. The kick button makes your character kick. The final button only appears when your power bar is full. Tapping on the power button will activate your power-up. This means that your character will glow yellow (all characters after Update 3.0 don't have this anymore) until you touch the ball and then you will start your power shot. These controls may be used in combinations, not simply one at a time. This means that as you are running to your right you may still kick the ball, or as you are jumping you may still activate your Power Button while you are in the air.


Your controls can be messed by your opponents power shots. Most power shots simply make you lose the ability to use the first four buttons. This means your character will not move, but he can still activate his power shot. Some characters restrict motions. Most-notably Cameroon, Hungary, Brazil, Thailand and India. Cameroon and Hungary make you move slower, and you lose your ability to jump, while Brazil, Thailand and India simply switch your left and right button controls.