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The Anvil Hat is a costume idea for the character idea Iceland. Both ideas are made by Teh Sweggurboi, me. This costume is an SS rank costume with a special feature, and I'd like it come in the future update with the characters Costa Rica, Iran and Iceland and the costumes Frog Hat and the Goal Grow Hat

Appearance Edit

The costume will look like a grey-colored anvil, which seems to be made out of steel. An anvil is a tool with a hard surface on which metalworkers strike another object, and it is known to be very heavy. The power of the Anvil Hat lies in the last characteristic. 

Effect Edit

As long as a character wears the Anvil Hat, he can crush his opponent every time he jumps on him, because the anvil on top of his head is that heavy. The opponent will be crushed in the same way he gets smashed by the giant red fist which comes out of the air after Asura's power shot, and the effect lasts for 5 seconds. A character who is wearing the Anvil Hat may be reminded of Super Mario who crushes Goombas by jumping on them, also because you can jump that high while wearing this SS rank costume. The Anvil Hat upgrades your Jump by +7, and this makes the costume much better, because it's much easier to jump on your opponents and crush them.


After you've won this costume in a rank match in Survival against Cyborg, you can unlock it by paying 2,300,000 points. 

Stats Bonus Edit

  • Speed: +1
  • Kick: +3
  • Jump: +7
  • Dash: +3
  • Power: +1