Appearance Edit

The costume looks like a typical baseball bat. You unlock it for 9,000,000 points and it is a SSS rank costume. This costume is good for you if you want to get characters like Uruguay where you have to concede minimal goals or if you have just scored a goal and want to wait out the rest of the match.

Effect Edit

Every 10 seconds, there will be small words, "press kick" appearing near your character, and the words will remain there for 2 seconds. If you press kick you will teleport near your own goal and stay there for the rest of the match. Your character can't move now and also can't kick, and the hat also disappears, and the baseball bat is held by your character. You can only jump and swing the bat(done by pressing kick button), and your powerbar no longer charges. When the opponent shoots, you need to swing the bat at the right time, like countering but easier. When you are in this mode you take no damage from powershots except when you fail to hit the ball away. If you fail to hit the ball, the bat in your character's hands breaks and is destroyed, and the match resumes.

Stats Bonus Edit

  • Speed: +2
  • Kick: +7
  • Jump: +9
  • Dash: +5
  • Power: +0