Catapult Hat
Austria's Catapult Arm
General informations
Name Catapult Hat
Number of Costume  ???
Owner of Costume Coming soon
Rank SS
Unlock Requirements Win Cyborg in a Rank Match wearing this Costume
Points to buy 3, 200, 000


It is a sombrero-like hat with a smaller model of Austria's Catapult on it. It is an SS rank Costume.


Every 5 seconds, it takes out the ground beneath it and throws 3 boulders in similar way to Austria's Air Shot. If opponent gets hit by one of them, he/she will be stunned for 2 seconds. Catapult can also pick up ball or opponent and throw them straight into opponent's goal in a way like Austria's Counter Attack. After throwing opponent, opponent is underground for 3 seconds. The Catapult does not work if you are too close to the opponent's goal. It is hard, but possible to get hit by your own boulders.


After unlocking this Costume, you have to pay 3,200,000 points.


Speed: +0

Kick: +5

Jump: +2

Boulder shot by this costume

Dash: +3

Power: +10


This idea is made by Estonian Sheep.

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