Appearance Edit

The explorer hat is a special costume you get after beating Death Mode with 3 different characters. Although this seems like a tedious unlock requirement, it's worth it. This costume is not worn by any opponent and does not appear to be worn by any opponent in the game. The costume looks like a normal explorer hat, but changes its appearance as it levels up. You cannot buy this costume with points.

Effect Edit

This costume does not affect the opposition. Instead, it sends out a cat to explore the soccer field, helping to find points, experience points (more on that later), Head soccer stadium tickets and even different types of costumes, depending on how far you have made it in that game mode, for Death Mode, League, and Head Cup, or how tough your opponent is, for Tournament and Arcade. The rarity of the items you find also depends on your explorer hat's level! After every match, the Explorer hat will give you a list of items it has found.

Explorer hat levelEdit

Your explorer hat level increases as you use it. Your explorer hat levels up using the experience points (XP) that it finds during its expeditions. Upon reaching every 3 levels up to level 30, your explorer hat will evolve accordingly. It takes 100xp to level up the explorer hat once, and 50xp more subsequently for every level. By increasing your explorer hat level, it will be able to collect more items and collect rarer items.


A table of items are below as shown.

Item Rarity Minimum Explorer hat lvl
10 XP Common lvl 1
20 XP Common lvl 1
100 points Common lvl 2
200 points Common lvl 2
5000 points Uncommon lvl 5
500xp Rare lvl 10
Costumes Common, Uncommon, Rare, Super rare, Ultra rare, Uber super rare (respectively) lvl 25
Head Soccer stadium ticket Ultra rare lvl 30
  • Common=40%
  • Uncommon=20%
  • Rare=15%
  • Super rare=10%
  • Ultra rare=12%
  • Uber super rare=3%

Head soccer stadium ticketEdit

A Head soccer stadium ticket increases all the stats of a character by 1, even if the character's stats are at the maximum limit. Stats will then be shown like this: (kick+1,jump+1,dash+1,etc)

Stat bonusEdit

The Explorer hat gives very little stat bonuses.

  • Speed: +1
  • Kick: +0
  • Jump: +1
  • Dash: +1
  • Power: +0

Trivia Edit

  • No opponent wears this in the game at all.
  • This is a costume that cannot be bought for points.
  • This costume cannot be unlocked in Survival.