The Frog Hat is an SS Rank costume with a special feature, made by Teh Sweggurboi. It is the costume of Costa Rica because Costa Rica is known to have many different frog species. The costume will come in the same update as Costa Rica, Iran, Iceland, the Goal Grow Hat and the Anvil Hat.

Appearance Edit

The Frog Hat looks like a green frog with big eyes, big black pupils and a long pink tongue. It has a happy and unintelligent face expression.

Effect Edit

Every 5 seconds, the frog sticks out its tongue, and if the opponent is close enough to the player who wears the Frog Hat, the frog's tongue will pick up the opponent and put him down behind the wearer. This can create an open goal chance for the player who wears it. The frog's tongue can cover a distance of a bit less than a quarter of the field. The Frog Hat is one of the few costumes with a special feature that doesn't harm the opponent. It can be seen - with some imagination - as the costume counterpart of Mexico's Hand Shot or Z's Zombie Shot.

Price Edit

You can unlock it by beating the Cyborg in Survival when he wears it and you have to pay 2,100,000 points to buy it.

Stats Bonus Edit

  • Speed: +0
  • Kick: +8
  • Jump: +4
  • Dash: +8
  • Power: +0