The Goal Grow Hat is an SS rank costume which comes in a future update along with Costa RicaIran, Iceland, the Frog Hat and the Anvil Hat. The costume has a special feature and Iran wears it in Arcade matches and Tournaments. This is a costume idea created by Teh Sweggurboi.

Appearance Edit

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The Goal Grow Hat looks like a metal bowler hat, but with a rod with a spherical object on top of it. The spherical object is a blue light bulb and it can radiate blue sonar rays.

Effect Edit

As I said, the spherical object on top of the Goal Grow Hat radiates blue sonar rays, and this happens every 10 seconds. These rays cover a distance of a bit less than a half field. When the sonar rays reach the opponent's goal, the goal grows and it becomes 50% bigger than usual, as the name of the costume might suggest. This effect lasts for 5 seconds, making it easier for the wearer of the Goal Grow Hat to score, because the opponent probably can't jump high enough to prevent a ball which is shot high on goal. It also makes some power shots much better, like Portugal's Spider shot, Luxembourg's Plant shot and Chile's Snake shot.


The Goal Grow Hat's price is 2,200,000 points.

Stats Bonus Edit

  • Speed +4
  • Kick: +3
  • Jump: +3
  • Dash: +2
  • Power: +5

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