The Gravity Groucho Glasses are a strong SS rank costume with a special feature. This costume will be added to Head Soccer in a future update along with Algeria, Belarus, Hell, the Giant Hat and the Clock Costume. The first-mentioned character wears the glasses as his costume. This costume idea is made by Teh Sweggurboi.

Appearance Edit

The Gravity Groucho Glasses just look like regular Groucho glasses as you know them. The costume is a kind of mask which consists of big glasses with big, black eyebrows on top of them, and a big pink nose and black mustache underneath. When a character wears this costume, he looks totally different and also quite ridiculous, but hey, don't laugh, because now with the costume he is much better.

Effect Edit

Every 10 seconds, the glasses shoot a bright neon green ray which covers a distance of about half the pitch. When the ray hits your opponent, it makes him lose his gravity. This means that he will float up until he reaches the point where he is above the goals. He stays there for 3 seconds, but he can still use kick and power shot normally. He can also still move left and right, but at an extremely slow pace. When he uses jump, he will only go up in the sky even a bit higher, so that won't help him out either. When this happens, you can score very easily, as your opponent has totally no control anymore over what happens on the pitch, so there is nothing to stop you from doing so. You only have to make sure that you won't let the ball bounce up in the sky, because only then your opponent might have the ability to prevent your goal or even score a goal himself. 


The Gravity Groucho Glasses' price is 2,600,000 points. 

Stats Bonus Edit

  • Speed: +1
  • Kick: +1
  • Jump: +1
  • Dash: +10
  • Power: +10

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