Appearance Edit

This costume idea is created by FranceSwitzerland. It looks like a grey lamp. The light of the lamp is yellow. It's a SS Rank Costume and costs 2,900,000 points to buy.

Effect Edit

After 3 seconds the lamp's light will turn off. The stadium will turn totally dark and you can't see anything. You or the opponent will have a black screen. This effect is 5 seconds long. The lamp will turn on again after 5 seconds. If you wear the Lamp Costume, only your opponents' screen will turn back. When your opponent wears the Lamp Costume, your screen will be totally black. The character who wears the Lamp Costume his/her screen will not turn black.

Stats Bonus Edit

  • Speed: +3
  • Kick: +5
  • Jump: +4
  • Dash: +3
  • Power: +6

Trivia Edit

  • Currently none of the characters wear this Costume in Arcade.

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