Appearance Edit


The Whistle

This is a Costume Idea by FranceSwitzerland. It looks like a a grey whistle on the head of a Character. Its similar to a whistle what every referee by his have. It's an SS Rank Costume and cost 5,100,000 points to buy. 

Effect Edit

When the opponent after the owner of the Offside Hat comes, the whistle goes flutes and the letters Offside comes big in your screen similar to the Kick Off, but now the letters are in black. Then there happens the same effect as after there is a goal made. Only now the ball goes never to the player who was offside. The opponent only have to touches the ball after the opponent or the whistle goes flutes. This costume seems to be not very useful for the wearer at all, but only annoying for the player that plays against the wearer of the Offside Hat.

Stats Bonus Edit

  • Speed: +4
  • Kick: +2
  • Jump: +5
  • Dash: +5
  • Power: +3