Oil costume
Kozzi-oil barrel-325x398
General informations
Name Oil costume
Number of Costume  ?
Owner of Costume Iran
Rank SS
Unlock Requirements Win against Cyborg in Survival wearing this Costume in the Rank Match
Points to buy 10,800,000 points

Idea by Fire mummyEdit

Appearance Edit

Oil costume is Iran's costume. It is a black oil barrel on the top of your or your opponent's head, just like the one on the right and it is SS Rank costume. It will randomly sprout some oil on the field. You can unlock it with 10.800.000 points!

Effect Edit

After a few seconds a lighter comes out of the hat. It always goes towards the nearest oil that was sprouted on the field. If the lighter hits the oil, your opponent will get Saudi Arabia's power shot effect.

Stats Bonus Edit

  • Speed: +2
  • Kick: +5
  • Jump: +3
  • Dash: +1
  • Power: +4

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