Appearance Edit

It looks like the SS version of the saw helmet (the one that sends out the saw every 4 seconds) but it has more spikes. It is a SS rank costume.

Effect Edit

It'll send a rotating saw (yes it'll go through the ground unless it is actually implemented and that's changed to a 180 spin) that shoots out every 3.5 seonds/2 seconds and then the saws on the helmet will shoot out, sending a volley of saws doing little damage. If the saw hits the opponent, it'll keep searching and sawing the opponent and it'll drain a little bit of the opponents power depending on their health (the more the health, the less of the drain). The mini saws will simply take away a little bit of power only if the player is flashing. Then, it'll be another second before they can press the button again.

Stats Bonus Edit

  • Speed: +6
  • Kick: +3
  • Jump: +5
  • Dash: +2
  • Power: +6

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