This is created by FranceSwitzerland. It's a hat that looks like a Volcano. It is brown at the bottom part, and the top part is red. Also there comes smoke out the top of the Costume. It's an SS Rank Costume.

Effect Edit

The Volcano will erupt and then it shoots 3 fireballs to the opponent every 5 seconds. If the opponent touches a fireball the controls will reverse, (Like Brazil's, Thailand's and India's Power Shot)

Price Edit

After you unlock this Costume against Cyborg in Survival, it will costs 3,100,000 points to buy it.

Stats Bonus Edit

  • Speed: +3
  • Kick: +7
  • Jump: +4
  • Dash: +1
  • Power: +3

Trivia Edit

This is the Costume of Jan Mayen.

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