Lightning catcher is a costume created by Aca soccer. It is a strong SS Rank costume with a special effect. Character Montenegro 2 wears this costume.

Appearance Edit

Lightning catcher costume looks similar to Thailand's costume, but is bigger. On the top of costume is a big lightning rod. Rod comes out of a small box that have 3 buttons that blink red and blue. Box is connected to a crystal globe with a lot of red and blue wires. Crystal globe is on forehead part. Also near ear parts are boxes that are also connected with main box and crystal globe with blue and red wires. Every part except globe and rod parts are very rusty. Globe looks very clear and transparent, and rod is silver.

Effect Edit

Every 7 seconds a big lightning will shot a lightning rod. Then a lightning will go through rod and come to the box. Then all buttons on the main box will bright green. Lightning will then past through wires to 2 other boxes and crystal globe. Inside globe will then be seen a lot of lightnings. Other boxes will also bright but white. Then from those boxes will also come lightning through wires to globe. Then globe will be totaly white and a lot of small lightnings will comes from globe (around 50 of them). Then lightnings will conect into several bigger lightning bolts. They will go everywhere around character that wears this costume. If opponent touch esbolt, he will get same effect like in New Zealand's Power Shot. Sometimes he will be turned into ash. After 10 seconds, lightning bolts will gone and a lot of black smoke will come from 2 boxes near ear parts. Then smoke will be gone and the costume will not do anything for 7 seconds until next lightning bolt strikes rod.

Price Edit

This costume costs 3,000,000 points.

Stats Bonus Edit

Jump: +7
Dash: +4
Kick: +5
Power: +5
Speed: +6