The Costumes Guide is a page all about how to use Costumes with an effect, and about what is the best thing to do when your opponent wears one of these Costumes. It also shows you which Costumes are better for you to buy and which ones you'd better not spend your well deserved points on. The Stats of the Costumes are also included in the guide, to give you a better overview and make the choice easier.


Most of the time, it is good to try to knock a costume off your opponent's head as fast as possible, but there are exceptions. For example, when your opponent has a very weak power shot and wears a costume that boosts his power shot, you can just leave the costume on his head, because you can try to score out of your opponent's power shot. Another scenario is when your opponent wears a costume that makes him jump so high, that his power shot goes over all the time. You must decide for yourself when it's good to knock a costume off and when it's okay to let him have his costume, but to give you an impression, you can find further information about it in the How to deflect section for every costume. There also is a kind of mistake with the costumes in which CPUs can jump much higher and move much faster than you while wearing a costume. For example, when you wear a certain SS Rank Costume you can jump pretty high, but when a CPU wears the same Costume, he almost seems to fly across the field! This is a disadvantage for you, and you must be aware of it. Costumes in general are a great way to boost your stats, so try to obtain some of the best ones to become even better at Head Soccer!

Diamond Tiara Costume (Serbia's Costume) Edit

How to use = This is the only B Rank Costume in Head Soccer with a special effect. To use it, you don't have to do anything. Every 5 seconds, the Diamond Tiara Costume fills around 20% of your Power Bar. The only thing you have to do is to make sure that you wear this Costume as long as possible; so don't let it get kicked off your head, otherwise you can't really take advantage of the Effect of the Costume.

How to deflect = The only thing you need to do is to kick this Costume off the head of your opponent as soon as possible, otherwise his Power Bar gets filled faster than usual and he can use his Power Shot much more often, Or, not that much more actually, because in fact 20% isn't that much anyway. To put it in perspective: if you have your Power Upgraded to the maximum, your Power Bar will still be charged much faster than that of your CPU opponent wearing the Diamond Tiara Costume.

Purchase advice = The Diamond Tiara Costume is one of two non-S or SS Rank Costumes with an Effect, the other being the Fly Costume, and that makes it much cheaper than all those S and SS Rank Costumes with Effects. That makes this Costume an absolute bargain! However, the Effect of the Costume is only small and it doesn't boost your Stats very much like all other Costumes with Effects do: Your Jump will be upgraded +5 and Power +3, that's all. Conclusion: The Costume is good for beginners to buy because it's cheap and better than all other Costumes that cost a similar amount of points. The Effect is useful, but not very strong. Therefore, when you can win a lot of Head Cups and get lots of points, you should save your money to buy a Costume that is more expensive, and above all one that is better.

Hammer Costume (New Zealand's Costume) Edit

How to use = This is the first S Rank Costume with an Effect. The best way to use this Costume is by walking towards the opponent and hit him with the Hammer. The Hammer can only strike the opponent when you are very close to him, otherwise the effect is useless. The Hammer isn't able to knock the other character out, but it hurts him and can make him lose his Costume, which is also the most useful thing about the Effect.

How to deflect = You can dodge this Costume by not coming too close to your opponent, or you can eliminate it once and forever by kicking it off the head of the other player. It doesn't matter that much if your opponent wears this costume, because the effect isn't that disadvantageous for you at all. It can only make you lose your Costume, so if you wear one you must make sure you don't get hit by the hammer; otherwise it doesn't matter that much, because it only hurts you a bit but won't knock you out. Besides, mostly you won't get hit by the hammer multiple times, as the hammer doesn't reach far. Later, you can knock the Costume off with your Power Shot anyway, so you don't have to take all the effort to kick the costume off.

Purchase advice = This Costume is not one of the best, but also not one of the worst. The Hammer Costume is not expensive, but the Effect is not very effective. It's better to wait spending your points until you can buy a Costume that is better than this one. It only damages your opponent a bit but won't help you scoring goals. It's just not really a good idea to buy it, because for the same amount of points you can get the Wolf Costume, to name something. The Stats are also not a valuable reason to still buy it; the Costume increases your Kick ability the most - with +5 - but Kick is maybe the least helpful Stat of all.

Fire Flame Costume (Z's Costume) Edit

How to use = You use it when your opponent gets close and jumps over you. But for 3 or 4 seconds, it can happen, then it will turn off. This can happen if the opponent tries to jump over you and fire comes up.

How to deflect = You can use a good power shot like Serbia's Air Shot and you can knock it off by using your good powers. Or don't jump over it.

Purchase advice = The costume costs 1,000,000 points to buy. A good way to get points is getting an SS Rank on Survival or completing a game on Death Mode. Death Mode can give you a lot of points of how many stages are there. There's 30 if you didn't know. Completing a Death Mode game can earn you 325500 points of how long and hard it is.

Electric Costume (Colombia's Costume) Edit

How to use = This is one of the worst Costume with an Effect, since the Effect is so small. It only shoots a electric shockwave to the opponent when he walks to close to him. Also the only thing you have to do is walking close to the opponent, so he will get under current. You can after that kick the opponent away, but this helps not much since the Effect is very small. Also 80% of the times when you have this Costume it won't give the opponent the electric shockwave. This Costume is just useless and not good at all.

How to deflect = It's easy to deflect this Costume. The only thing you have to do is trying to not touch the Electric Costume when it use his Effect. All other times you can just touch this Costume and even you can easily kick it off the head of your opponent. Also when you touch this Costume, it doesn't matter very much since the Costume not give you huge damage. You never will lose your own Costume or the without getting hurt Achievement and that makes this Costume useless.

Purchase advice = As you already read before, this Costume is not good at all. That's why this Costume is also not an idea to buy. The price is cheap for a Costume with a Effect, but the Effect does not give you what the price is worth. Like the Hammer Costume, you should save your points to buy better Costumes. There are lots of Costumes that are more expensive than this one, but the Effect is much better. That's why those Costumes are price worthy and not this Costume. The Stats Bonus are also low. Almost everything has +1 or +2. Only Jump has +3, but that is still not very high and not useful.

Wolf Costume (Hong Kong's Costume) Edit

How to use = This is an S Rank Costume, so it is not very expensive, only 430,000 points. Nevertheless its Effect is great! Every few seconds it bites towards the opponent, who gets killed if he was too close. To use this Effect, come close to your opponent, but not too close or he might be able to kick you; besides, the Wolf Costume reaches far enough. But always stay focused at the ball in the first place, because otherwise the Costume won't help you much. And when the Costume has eaten your opponent, go after the ball and dash it into your opponent's goal quickly, because he won't be removed from the field for long. However, it should be enough for you to score out of this open goal chance.

How to deflect = It's dangerous to try to kick the Wolf Costume off the head of your opponent, because it will kill you eventually if you stay close to your opponent for some time. Avoid its bites and only when the costume has just done its Effect, you are safe to go at your opponent and kick him to remove this Costume. You can also wait until your Power Bar is fully charged and knock the Wolf Costume off with your own Power Shot. Another possibility is to use the Effect of your own Costume. Both ways are not without danger but at least you don't have to come close to your opponent.

Purchase advice = The Wolf Costume is a very useful Costume, because it can give you open goal chances. Its Stats are also quite good, because your Speed and Power get upgraded with +3, Kick and Jump +2 and Dash +1. Nevertheless it's much cheaper than all SS Rank Costumes (of which some even have a much worse Effect), so we certainly advise you to buy it! Good Stats, great Effect and relatively very cheap; what a bargain! Even if you don't have that many points, you can still buy it and you should really do so.

Rocket Costume (Indonesia's Costume) Edit

How to use = The last S Rank Costume is also good, but not as good as the Wolf Costume. There will be an rocket shot to your opponent. When he knocks it, he get pushed hardly away. This Effect is good and the rocket will always knock your opponent, because it will always go to him. It doesn't matter much where you use it, but you should use it somewhere before the opponent and his goal. Then your opponent will be unconscious and you can kick the ball quickly into the goal of your opponent. On other places of the field this Costume can also be good, but if you want to score we prefer you to use it on that way.

How to deflect = This Costume is hard to deflect, because it seems it's always faster than your own Costume or kicking. Kicking is the best way, but you will always knock the Rocket once. After that you can kick it off the head of your opponent and that is the best way you can use. Using another Costume is often not possible, because the rocket is fast and you already lost your own Costume when you did that. You can also try to jump over this Costume, but this is hard and you need your Jump upgraded to the maximum.

Purchase advice = The Rocket Costume is a useful Costume and it can be an idea to buy. There are better Costumes, but this is one of the best Costumes and it's also cheap. The Stats are also OK, with Jump and Power upgraded with +4. The price makes this Costume the best for buying. The Effect is good, but if this Costume was not so cheap as now, than it was not an idea to buy. The price of this Costume is not high, so that makes this Costume a good idea to buy, but you must remember that there are better Costumes.

One-Eyed-Ghoul Mask (Finland's Costume)Edit

How to deflect = More than any other costume, you should knock it off your opponent's head as soon as possible, otherwise you might lose the game just because your opponent is wearing this costume. You can't come close to him, because the effect happens so often, that you will usually get hit even if you are close to your opponent for a little while. So: make sure to use your power shot as soon as it is loaded and use it to knock the costume off. If you don't do it: the longer your opponent will wear this costume, the greater the chance you'll lose this match.

Spider Web Costume (Australia's Costume)Edit

How to use = This costume shoots spider web silk, but shoots it quite far away. This means that you can hit your opponent while being on your own side, and you should use it that way. This is great against characters that play defensively. Here is what you should do: Walk forward until you are in the center circle, then wait until your costume performs its trick, and once your opponent is dangling on the ceiling you can simply walk the ball in. If you jump, the spider silk reaches even further. Because it the spider silk lands almost a half field away, you usually won't step in it, but you always have to watch out. It also works really well in combination with your power shot!

How to deflect = You should kick it off your opponent's head, and that's quite easy, because the silk will shoot over your head mostly and therefore it's okay to be close to the other player anyway. You can always see in which area you shouldn't come, so that makes it easier to avoid. When your jump is upgraded you can easily jump over it too.

Purchase advice = I know most of the people who think of the Spider Web Costume, automatically think of Portugal's power shot, which is considered quite weak. But you should drop your prejudices; as a costume's effect it's way better! It can hit your opponent from far away, so you don't have to come close to him all the time (so there's less chance that he will kick it off your head) and usually the spider silk on the ground won't bother you. Furthermore, when the opponent steps in it, you will have an open goal chance, with clear view of where your opponent is! It might not be the very best costume, but it's still good and the only 1,200,000 points are worth it!

Bubble Costume (South Africa's Costume) Edit

How to use = To use it, come close to your opponent when you think the bubble will shoot and then, when your opponent is taken up in the sky by the bubble, react quickly by picking up the ball and scoring, as the effect won't stay long. You won't get encased by the bubble even if you walk through it, so you don't have to worry about that.

How to deflect = When your opponent wears it, it's not one of the hardest costumes to avoid, just stay quite far away from your opponent and the bubble when it is in the field and you'll be fine. The effect doesn't last long anyway, so your opponent will not score all the time when you get hit.

Purchase advice = This costume is better than you might think! It creates chances for you and you can see when your opponent comes back. However, as mentioned before, the effect lasts really short, and that is what brings this costume down to Earth. You should buy it, once you have bought the very best costumes around.

Ice Costume (Austria's Costume) Edit

How to use = You don't really have to follow any instructions to use this costume because it will hit your opponent from anywhere in the field, except that it will hit him more often when you are standing on the ground. While your opponent is frozen, try to lob him or use a fast power shot, but you have to be quick; the effect is really short. Sometimes, however, you can score a goal out of kicking the iceblock away.

How to deflect = It's not possible to jump over the effect, unless you wear a costume yourself that increases your jump a lot. If you stay low, you will avoid it when the ice cannon shoots high. Even though the effect is short, it can make it really hard for you to stop power shots, also because you can't use one yourself. The costume hits you quite often, so make sure you kick it off so you won't get interrupted all the time in your gameplay. Also, don't dash while the Ice Costume activates, because when you get hit you'll slip.

Purchase advice = It is certainly not one of the best costumes. The main reason is that the effect doesn't last long, usually too short to score out of it, but sometimes it helps you to make goals. In addition, you still need to pass the ice block to score, and this can be really hard in such a small time span. The price and stats are just okay, so all in all there are better costumes to buy rather than this one.

Antennae Costume (Thailand's Costume) Edit

How to use = The costume works from itself, so you don't need to do anything, other than avoiding to lose it so you can benefit from it as long as possible. This costume is special in the way that it doesn't affect your opponent, instead it charges your power shot bar. In combination with a good power shot this is great, of course, because you can use it more often. It will make it easier for you to stop power shots, as you will be able to power block power shots, and even counter attacks!

How to deflect = What you should do depends on how strong your opponent's power shot is. You should get rid off it quickly when a strong player is wearing it, but if your opponent has a power shot that you can turn into an own goal for him every time, it might even be an advantage that he's wearing it!

Purchase advice = This is always a useful costume to have in your collection. It might be the ideal costume to use in game modes like Death Mode and Survival, because with a good power shot by your side it will give you many automatic goals, and you can power block almost every ball and power shot!

Dragon CostumeEdit

How to use = Of course you must come close to your opponent to make the flame burn your opponent down. so it creates an open goal chance for you. This is, for example, very useful in Death Mode stages where you have to wait until something disappears before you can score: while the obstacle is there you can burn your opponent down with your costume and when it has disappeared, you can score. It's also good in combination with certain power shots. For example, if you use a straight-line power shot close to your opponent, the Dragon Costume might burn him down before he can block your power shot! And if you use it in combination with Cyborg's first shot for example, you have to fly to your opponent while you have your jetpacks.

How to deflect = Stay out of your opponent's way when it hasn't launched the flame for a while, and kick it off your opponent's head, because it can make the other player very powerful. Also, don't fall into temptation to come close to him when he is using a power shot, because that only makes it easier for him to score.

Purchase advice = What a bargain, only 1,600,000 points! In addition, the stats are good and come in handy. But most important of all: the effect is really good. It might take a bit long between every time it performs its effect, but it's worth it. This is one of the few costumes with an effect that makes your opponent completely disappear for a while and it has a greater chance of doing so. It hands you a great chance every time and therefore it's one of the best costumes to buy!

Sawblade Costume (Uruguay's Costume) Edit

How to use = You have to stand a certain distance away to hit your opponent with it, which is a bit less than half a field. Once you have hit your opponent, the costume will damage him and push him backwards. This is the moment when you can head, kick or walk the ball forward to score an easy goal. It's possible to use this after every kick off and you can score lots of goals! This makes the Sawblade Costume a quite useful costume.

How to deflect = When your opponent wears it, stay away from him or get so close that the costume can't hit you and try to knock it off, because it can be harder playing against an opponent with this costume.

Purchase advice = This costume is most comparable to the Spinning Hands Costume. It's in some ways better, because it hits from a bigger distance and you can see the field and the ball better during the effect, but it can't hit him when he is behind you or too close to you. This costume is relatively cheap though, and the effect is strong as mentioned before. It also increases your stats a lot except for dash, so this is well worth buying.

Spinning Hands Costume (India's Costume) Edit

How to use = The Spinning Hands Costume will activate its special effect every three seconds and when your opponent comes too close, the mechanical arms will push him back very strongly, knock off any costume he is wearing and damage him massively, spilling a disproportionate amount of blood. However, it can't knock him out, but the costume is already strong enough. When the costume activates, walk towards the goal with the ball on your foot and the costume will do the rest. You can also head the ball forward and keep moving forward yourself, so you push your opponent backwards before the ball comes. This costume seems to work even better in combination with certain power shots. If you use Cyborg's air shot and then fly towards your opponent, the costume will knock him back and he won't be able to counter your shot, resulting in an automatic goal! It also works when you use straight-line power shots close to your opponent: he won't stand a chance to even block it! There is also a strange bug regarding this costume. It happens when your opponent is behind you and the arms begin to spin. Your opponent will be dragged towards you, and the two of you will be dragged forward automatically. This means that you can't control your character for a while. It's just something you should be aware of when using this costume.

How to deflect = This Costume is hard to deflect, but you always have to stay out of your opponent's way, try to kick it off or even better: remove it from your opponent's head with your power shot.

Purchase advice = The Spinning Hands Costume is one of the strongest costumes in the whole game. It can give you free passage to the goal. If you come close to your opponent, he will always get hit, even if he is behind you! The only thing that might annoy you about this costume is that it blocks your overview. When the ball is close to you, you can hardly see it anymore, which is a problem when the ball is bouncing. The stats are very useful, giving you Speed, Kick and Power boost of +6! It is worth only 2,400,000 points points, which is a whopping 1,000,000 points cheaper than some of the most expensive costumes in the game. Good effect, good stats and relatively cheap: enough reasons to mark this costume high on your shopping list!

Honorable mentions Edit

This section is about Costumes without an Effect. It's a small overview of the Non-effect Costumes that are very good, very bad or special in any other way. You should describe Every Non-effect Costume below that has something special.

Samurai General Costume = This SS Rank Costume may not have an Effect, but it's still good because it upgrades your Power with a whopping +7! It doesn't upgrade your Power Bar once every few seconds, but gradually and moreover very fast. which makes it finer in some way. The Costume increases all remaining Stats with +2, which is a little, but still useful bonus. The only disadvantage is that it's not cheap with a price of 550,000 points.

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