This is my Character Rankings to play against every Character. I hope you like it and are agreed, but you probably won't.

The ListEdit

63. South KoreaEdit

There's no surprise why he is on the last place. He walks and jump very slow and has a very bad Power Shot. 90% of the time it's an own goal. The only trick you have to use: Jump to him and the ball will catch back in South Korea's own goal. He is also too slow and you can kick the ball a lot of times over his head and make headers to make goals. Once, I beated this guy with 32-0.

62. ColombiaEdit

After South Korea, Colombia is the worst Character in Head Soccer. Also no surprise why he is so low. 99% of the times this Power Shot is an own goal. Jump to the kid with the blue hair and its always an own goal. This trick is very easy and doesn't needs any practice. The only reason why he is not worse than South Korea is because his way of playing. Although I beated him 2 times with 23-1.

61. Croatia Edit

Probably a very big surprise for you. Croatia's Power Shots doesn't make sense. The Air Shot is always 100% own goal. Croatia jumps on a robot and shoots the ball in a beam to the opponent's goal. The only thing you need to do is jumping. Jump to it and it's always an own goal. The ball will catch under Croatia, because he is in the Robot and the ball will end in Croatia's own goal. It's also possible that the ball will end after Croatia and he will dash/walk it in his own goal. There is also a second way to make always an goal for you in this Power Shot. But you need to have an Counter Attack or Straight Line Power Shot. When Croatia shoots the beam to you, click on your Power Button and jump to it. You can also counter it if your Character has a special Counter Attack. Use your Power Shot or Special Counter Attack and Croatia will never hold it. The reason for this is that the parts of the robot lie in the way and the Power Shot goes to it, but Croatia can't jump through it. The Ground Shot is better. Some people see Croatia's Ground Shot as his worst Power Shot. For me it is the least worst Power Shot/Counter Attack. Croatia jumps again on a robot and shoots on the ground a beam to the opponent. It's very easy to hold and it will never become a goal in the first way. The only reason what it makes better is that it still can end in your goal. You will never know what Croatia will do after the ball caught hard away. This makes it the least worst Power Shot/Counter Attack. That doesn't matter, because it's still very weak. The most time Croatia is not going to score out of this Power Shot. Mostly the ball just catch to hard away and Croatia can't get the ball under control before you are already on the field. Now we are going to talk about his Counter Attack. This Power Shot/Counter Attack is for the most people the best. They always gave bad reasons: yes its very fast and you will jump always too late. These are very bad reasons why Croatia's Counter Attack is good. Croatia shoots very fast with his robot a beam to your goal. The only thing you have to do is: become faster than Croatia. Later you just will know that you must jump right after Croatia countered your Power Shot. It's also very easy to counter and when you use it on Croatia he will never hold it. Because this reason, Croatia's Counter Attack will never very good. Not only Croatia's Power Shots and Counter Attack bring him so low. His Costume and Play Style are also very bad. To start with his Costume. It shoots bombs to you. These bombs doesn't make sense. The only thing you need to do is not stand close to it or kick it away. This Costume is just very bad and is similar to Pluto's one. Then his Play Style. This is also very very very bad. A lot times when Croatia get the ball on his side, the ball will fall on his back of his head and goes in own goal. This fact makes Croatia also very bad. Other things in his Play Style are also very bad. For example jumping over the ball when he is Darth Vader. And he never will jump when he is Darth Vader after a Kick Off. Because his Play Style is very bad and he makes so much own goals, I slaughtered him once 19-6 with Germany. I have now too long explained why Croatia is very bad and I hope you are agree, but I think nobody is agree with me. Croatia's Power Button Effect, Power Shots, Counter Attack, Costume and Play Style are all very very very bad and that's why Croatia is one of the worst opponents and that brings him on place 61.

60. PolandEdit

This one maybe also suprise you. You know that Poland is a bad Character, but on place 60? Yes, his Power Shot is also very bad. It's very similar as South Korea, so why it will be better? Jump to it and the ball will always catch back in Poland's own goal. The only reason why he is better than South Korea is his play style.

59. IsraelEdit

The next one that suprise you. Israel is definetely also one of the worst Characters in Head Soccer. His first Power Shot is OK, but the Damaged Power Shot is very bad. By the first Power Shot you can make own goals, but that's not very easy and also not the reason why Israel is on place 59. I not deal much with this Power Shot, because I use Uruguay's Costume and he already lost his crown before he even can use that Power Shot. You need to know a trick and you can always make Israel's Damaged Power Shot an own goal. If you know that trick you aren't suprised anymore why Israel is so low. You must jump to the ball on the same high as the ball goes and the ball always catches back in Israel's own goal. The only reason why he is not the worst, because his play style is better and the trick is a little bit harder than South Korea's, Colombia's and Poland's Trick.

58. Argentina Edit

Argentina is slow, can't walk fast and has a bad Power Shot. How is it possible to rank him higher? The Power Shot is just a straight Line Power Shot and have a longer time duration. You just can jump to the front of it and it will always be an own goal for Argentina. Also is Argentina very slow and can't jump high. This is also a reason why the ball will always end in Argentina's own goal. The only reason why Argentina is higher than some other Characters is that he sometimes have luck and the ball will not end in Argentina's own goal. This all brings Argentina far away from an hard opponent.

57. Belgium Edit

Belgium is also very bad. All her Power Shots are almost always an own goal. The Ground Shot is very easy to catch in Belgium's own goal. You only have to walk towards it when Belgium use it and it will be a own goal for her. The ball will immediatly end in Belgium's own goal. The Air Shot is a little bit harder to make an own goal, but it's still very easy. You must stand on the middle of the field. Jump when the music notes enter you and the ball will end after Belgium if you do it on the right way. Belgium will always dash it in her own goal or the ball just roll back in Belgium's goal. This seems to be one of the most easiest Power Shots to make an own goal in the game. Her Counter Attack is the hardest to make an own goal, but still easy. Belgium will throw her guitar to your goal. Jump on the right time and the ball will again end after Belgium and she will dash it in her own goal. This seems in the first face harder than it is, but you will fastly recognize that it is also one of the worst Counter Attacks in the game. But why is Belgium than not lower than some other Characters? That's the real question about Belgium. And I will give you the answer: Play Style. Belgium plays on a way that she makes it higher than other Characters with bad Power Shots and Counter Attack. Sometimes it's annoying and that's the reason why Belgium's is on place 57. Belgium's Power Button Effect is also not good. Some music notes that doesn't give you real damage. It's almost nothing.

56. Hong Kong Edit

Hong Kong is on place 56. Hong Kong is also one of the most easiest to beat Characters in Head Soccer. His Power Button Effect is the best Hong Kong has. The nunchuks give you huge damage and that makes it good and mostly that is the reason how Hong Kong can score. His Ground Shot is the worst Power Shot/Counter Attack. It's totally the same Ground Shot as India's one, but only in another effect. Hong Kong runs to you and give you damage and you disappear. You only have to walk it, just like India's Ground Shot, and the ball will roll back in Hong Kong's own goal. This Power Shot is just very bad. The Air Shot is a bit better, but not much. Hong Kong flies in the air and goes downwards to your goal. A lot of times when you jump to it, the ball will catch away and it won't be a goal for Hong Kong. Also sometimes the ball will end in Hong Kong's own goal and making this Air Shot useless. But it's still the best Power Shot/Counter Attack Hong Kong has, since the Ground Shot and Counter Attack are both even worse. The Counter Attack is also very similar to India's Counter Attack. The only difference is that it is always on the ground. India always fly and sometimes on the ground, but Hong Kong is always on the ground. Just walk soft to Hong Kong and he will goes to you and you can kick the ball after Hong Kong and it will end in his own goal. This Counter Attack seems also to be one of the worst Counter Attacks in Head Soccer. The Play Style and Power Button Effect are the only reasons that Hong Kong is better than some Characters below him.

55. Valentine Edit

Valentine is similar to South Korea, so it's not surprise he is so low. His Power Shot, the Valentine Shot, is a straight line Power Shot and not good. Valentine will shoot the ball to the opponent and when she touches it, he will be a Jack-in-the-box. First of all, you can not that hard make a own goal out of this Power Shot. Use the same trick as you know for South Korea. Jump to Valentine when she shoots the ball and the ball catches back in his own goal. Also you can easily counter this Power Shot, that is also a good way to stop it. I prefer more the way to make a own goal, because the most time Valentine will counter the Power Shot back, or even make an own goal. Valentine's Play Style is not very good, but also not bad. It's still easy to beat her and I think it will no one surprise she is so low on the rankings.

54. TurkeyEdit

Another Straight-Line Power Shot that is very easy to make an own goal. Just do the same trick as you know of South Korea and Valentine. Althought it seem to be a bit harder, Turkey is still a bad opponent that you can beat with lots of goals. His play style is better than South Korea for example and that's why he isn't that low as him. Also, the water makes it a bit harder to see the ball and that's why the trick is harder. And the bubble also helps Turkey to not come on an even worse place.

53. PortugalEdit

Another character that is easily to defeat with a lot of goals. And the reason for that, is that you also can make an own goal out of his Power Shots very easily. When Portugal goes in the air, jump to the spider silk he shoots and the ball will bounce back in his goal before Portugal is back on the ground. This trick seem to be harder than the one of South Korea, but Portugal is still a weak opponent and should reach higher than this. The only reason why he could be better is that the spider silk will let you hang in the air, while South Korea's shot only bounces you back.

54. Spain

52. Pluto

51. Hungary

50. Thailand

49. Georgia

48. Denmark

46. USA

45. Russia

44. Cameroon

43. Mexico

42. Italy

41. Devil

40. Super Saiyan

39. Bulgaria

38. Nepal

37. Brazil

36. China

35. Serbia

34. Chile

33. Canada

32. Nigeria

31. Netherlands

30. Ireland

29. Finland

28. Cyborg

27. Japan

26. Kepler 22B

25. Greece

24. Egypt

23. New Zealand

22. PumpKill

21. Romania

20. Saudi Arabia

19. Uruguay

18. France

17. Asura

16. WatermelBot

15. India

14. Germany

13. South Africa

12. Switzerland

11. Z

10. Sweden

9. Australia

8. Indonesia

7. United Kingdom

6. Singapore

5. Mon-K

4. Austria

3. Ukraine

2. Luxembourg