Welcome to Teh Sweggurboi's idea page Head Soccer 2, the page where you can find all my ideas of how to improve Head Soccer. For clarity, I don't want a new Head Soccer game, I want to make the current one even better on the basis of 14 ideas. I hope you like it! And share your ideas if you have any! Edit

Idea 1: New character's ranking Edit

One thing that is annoying me, is that awful football nations like Luxembourg, India, Hong Kong, Thailand and Singapore are better in Head Soccer than Brazil, Italy and Argentina. To give an example: You can beat Colombia with 20-0 in one match while you can lose 6-4 to Luxembourg in the other, which is absurd for a football game. So maybe it's a lot more fun when the Head Soccer players' skills square with their real national football teams' skills. My new classification of the characters isn't based on the FIFA World Ranking, instead I have made my own ranking of the real national football teams. How good a country is in Head Soccer 2 is based on two things: The first and most important is how good the team currently is, so if it has good players and if the recent results were good, and the second is how good the team was in the past, so if it has achieved good things in football throughout history. Then you automatically get really good football countries as 5 star characters and countries that are not at all good have only a half star. I've also given the non-country characters a new, special role in the game. They all resemble a style of play in its purest form now, like catenaccio or high-pressure football. I've also given the characters other power shots, which match better with the culture or characteristics of their countries. For example, tornadoes don't really occur much in Nigeria, and the catapult wasn't invented in Austria. Of course better characters have better power shots. How fast a Head Soccer player is mostly depends on how good the country is at 100 meter sprint in real life and his jumping ability depends on how good the real country is at high jump. This means that USA is fast and can jump high, Russia can only jump high and Hong Kong is slow and has low jumping ability.

Amount of stars the character has Name of the character = Description of the character Edit

Screenshot 2015-11-14-16-35-53 1

0.5 Nepal = Nepal is the first and the worst character in the game, with who you start off when you download the app. This 0.5 star player is very slow, can't jump high and he also has a bad power shot. He is the ultimate character to beat your Most goals record against, because almost everything he does on the pitch, he does wrong. He never dashes or kicks, has the reaction of a pot plant and when he tries to control the ball, half the time he ends up scoring an own goal. Mostly, it seems like he is scared of the ball and he even tries to dodge his opponent's power shot. His own, new power shot in Head Soccer 2 is an even weaker version of India’s ground shot, which was terrible already. The only thing the opponent has to do to stop the shot and score against Nepal is to walk forward. Actually, even if the opponent stands still or jumps, the ball will roll back behind Nepal, into his goal. Nepal's shot will only score if the opponent walks back, but why would he do that? The only real difference is that India burns his opponent down by blowing a flame at him, and Nepal blows a combination of wind and snow and this freezes the opponent for a very short amount of time.

300px-Flag of Singapore.svg

0.5 Singapore = Singapore has that terrible air shot of Colombia, but with a bunch of Asian people who take your clothes with them. Singapore has this shot because the country ranks third on the list of countries by population density. You can easily turn it into an own goal for Singapore, by jumping and moving forward. He is such an awful opponent that it's actually hard to not beat him with more than 10 goals.

Screenshot 2015-12-01-15-37-16 1

0.5 Hong Kong = Yet another bad Asian character. Hong Kong has Japan's Ninja Shot. He has to use it in a certain spot and even then it often misses the goal. Even though Hong Kong is the best from all 0.5 star characters, the most amazing goals he has ever scored were all own goals.

Flag of Fiji

0.5 Fiji = Fiji has a much weaker version of Switzerland's ground shot. A few palm trees appear (Fiji is sitting in a beach chair on top of one of them) and there's sand on the ground, so the stadium looks like a tropical beach. The wind blows the sand towards the opponent's goal and somewhere in it is the ball. If the ball hits the opponent, he will be covered in sand, but this only means that he has the same effect as the current Cameroon electrocution effect. However, he also cannot activate a power shot. So, he still has the ball, which was brought to him by the sand, and a great chance to score, because the goal is vacant as Fiji is still on top of the palm tree and first has to hop off. Usually, the opponent has enough time to score. Only if he jumps over the ball that comes with the sand, Fiji's power shot can score. Besides, when you use a power shot against Head Soccer 2's Fiji, it will almost go in as easily as if there was no opponent at all on the field, and it's also very easy to pass him just with your football skills.

1000px-Flag of Luxembourg.svg

1.0 Luxembourg = Offensively playing Luxembourg has the famous good old South Korea shot. It is definitely one of the worst power shots in the game, because it can result in own goals when the opponent blocks the shot correctly. Luxembourg is one of the worst characters and he is very slow, but he is obviously better than all 0.5 star characters.

900px-Flag of Thailand.svg

1.0 Thailand = His power shot is the Elephant Shot. It's basically Belgium's ground shot, but with an elephant. The elephant appears on the field when Thailand touches the ball. It squirts water with the ball from its trunk at the opponent in a straight line that goes over the ground. If you just stay on the ground - you don't even have to move - you will block the ball successfully and make it roll back into Thailand's own goal.

1200px-Flag of Indonesia.svg

1.0 Indonesia = In contrast to the characters before him, Indonesia is able to kick the ball, but only does this very occasionally. He has the Volcano Shot and it looks the most like India's counter attack. Indonesia's location on the edges of the Eurasian, Australian and Pacific tectonic plates makes it the site of numerous volcanoes and frequent earthquakes. Indonesia has at least 150 active volcanoes, including Krakatoa and Tambora, both famous for their devastating eruptions in the 19th century. The eruption of the Toba supervolcano, approximately 70,000 years ago, was one of the largest eruptions ever, and a global catastrophe. When Indonesia uses the Volcano Shot, a volcano grows out of his goal with its crater aiming for the opponent's goal. It shoots one lava ball, which can burn you down to ashes. This seems a good shot for a one star opponent, but it isn't really. If you jump and walk forward, the ball will always roll back over the ground into Indonesia's goal. After the shot, the ground is covered with several glowing volcanic rocks.

Flag of India.svg

1.0 India = India - the first character in the game able to dash - has the Cow Shot, but it's actually just a different version of Pluto's ground shot. Cows are holy in India, so his shot matches with his culture in real life. The cow comes at his opponent at slow pace and it will eat him, but it barely ever scores and it's hard to bring the ball under control again. India approximately plays as bad as South Korea does now in the current Head Soccer game, for the image formation.

Screenshot 2015-11-14-16-39-26 1

1.5 Georgia = Georgia, one of the newer characters, has the Tea Plant Shot, as Georgia is famous for its tea plantations and the tea export is important for the country. Six tea plants emerge from the ground and then there comes one big plant which contains the ball out of Georgia’s goal. It goes in a straight line towards the opponent’s goal and if it hits the opponent, the big plant will eat him. If you jump forward to block the shot, the ball often rolls back into Georgia’s goal, so this shot is easy to stop. The opponent reappears after about 3 seconds. The Tea Plant Shot is a mix of Poland’s Ice Spike Shot and Luxembourg’s counter attack. The six green tea plants are just some extra flair, like Poland’s ice spikes. Also you can block this shot as easily as Poland’s shot, only the after effect is different, namely that you will get eaten by the plant which comes horizontally out of Georgia’s goal, just like in Luxembourg’s counter shot.

Screenshot 2015-12-01-15-36-47 1

1.5 New Zealand = New Zealand attempts to kick the ball a lot, but his shot is too weak to score goals out of it most of the time. But this gives him the ability, unlike the characters before him, to actually counter his opponent's power shot very occasionally. He has Cameroon's Thunderbolt Shot. The after effect is that it stuns the opponent so he can't jump and moves extremely slowly.

Screenshot 2015-12-01-18-25-01 1

1.5 China = China has the Buddha Shot, the shot which he already had after getting injured. China has the largest Buddhist population in the world. The religion historically had a significant role in shaping Chinese culture and today it's still one of the five official religions of China and one of the most important as well. China is a bad football player, but he is relatively fast and he can jump high.

Screenshot 2015-12-01-15-38-11 1

1.5 Canada = Canada has Russia's Ice Shot. The shot will freeze the opponent, but Canada hasn't got much time to score a goal. Canada is fast for a character of his low ranking, and because Canada can jump relatively high, the power shot scores more often. Too bad for him that he has almost no ball control and he lacks the ability to score goals.

Screenshot 2015-12-02-18-48-10 1

2.0 Israel = Israel has his own second shot, the Hammer Shot, but with the after effect of his first shot, the Cross Shot. It is a very unpredictable shot as the ball can end up in the opponent's goal as well as in your own goal. If the opponent gets hit, he will get crucified. Furthermore, Israel plays defensively and just okay.

Screenshot 2015-12-01-15-37-42 1

2.0 Saudi Arabia = Saudi Arabia has his own ground shot, but a bit weaker. It's easier now for the opponent to score a goal out of his power shot. If Saudi Arabia is in his own goal when the shot starts, he will hold the ball in his own goal before he throws it, and that causes an own goal! This means that you can kick Saudi Arabia into his own goal when he uses his power shot in order to score a fast goal, but you can also kick the ball away after Saudi Arabia has thrown it or stop it with your power shot. Also, the oil barrels won't block your view anymore (they're still there though), which makes it much easier to see the ball and stop it from falling into the oil. Saudi Arabia is not a good character, but the explosions make him better.

Screenshot 2015-12-01-18-24-03 1

2.0 South Africa = South Africa's power shot is Hungary's counter shot, but the horse with the knight is replaced by a herd of big five game animals. So you see the African lion, African elephant, Cape buffalo, African leopard, and rhinoceros all at once! The trunk of the elephant holds the ball. South Africa is a fast character and he plays defensively. He dashes very often.

Flag of Finland

2.0 Finland = Finland has Denmark's Bullet Shot, but instead of rocks, Finland shoots ice balls. The good thing about it is the knockback effect, the bad thing is that the ball can go through Finland's body.

700px-Flag of Norway

2.0 Norway = This little guy has Israel's Hammer Shot, but now it is called Thor Shot. It is also better, because the chance that the ball goes through the opponent’s body is slightly increased. In Norse mythology, Thor is a hammer-wielding god associated with thunder, lightning and storms.


2.0 Bulgaria = Bulgaria is the best of the two star players and he has USA's power shot, but it is better now because the ball starts a bit more in front of him. That makes it easier to pass defenders in front of goal.

Screenshot 2015-12-02-18-47-34 1

2.5 Hungary = When this 2.5 star opponent activates his power shot, he will shoot Portugal's Spider Shot. Why? Because of the Hungarian spider, that's why. Hungary plays rather offensively, which makes the Spider Shot a bit less worse than when Portugal uses it currently, but also concedes a lot.

Screenshot 2015-12-01-18-24-41 1

2.5 Egypt = Egypt has Z's air shot. This is the one that travels downward. But because Egypt is known for its deserts and sand sculptures and not for its zombies, Z’s zombie is replaced by the Great Sphinx of Giza that sticks out its tongue and leaves some quicksand on the field.

Screenshot 2015-12-02-18-46-57 1

2.5 Serbia = In Head Soccer 2, all characters are men, so that means that Serbia doesn't look like your teacher anymore. Only Serbia's hair and eye color stay exactly the same. Serbia is now a balding man from around 45 years old with very short hair, thick downward eyebrows, big cheeks and a small mustache. Serbia has the Giant Shot, similar to Italy's. This is an interesting shot, because it may seem incredible at first but it's so easy to counter that it can result in long match-ups with Serbia. You can spend a half game by only just countering the giant ball back and forth, because Serbia is tolerably good at countering his own shot.

Screenshot 2015-12-01-18-23-15 1

2.5 Nigeria = Nigeria is a fast and defensively playing 2.5 star character, who has a speed up version of China's Monkey Shot, but the clouds are replaced by branches with leaves. This is because there live many monkeys in the rain forests in Nigeria.

Screenshot 2015-12-01-18-22-39 1

2.5 Cameroon = Cameroon is a two and a half star opponent in Head Soccer 2 and has the Snake Shot. It’s basically Argentina’s dragon shot, but with a snake. The ball comes at the end of the snake, making it harder for the opponent to block or counter the shot, because he is more likely to jump too early.

Screenshot 2015-12-02-18-48-33 1

2.5 Denmark = Denmark is a country which is surrounded by water. It also has a lot of islands. Therefore, it’s logical that Denmark has Turkey’s Water Shot. After getting hit, the opponent is lifted in a bubble and Denmark tries to take the ball under control and score.

Screenshot 2015-12-05-13-14-47 1

3.0 Czech Republic = Czech Republic is a three star opponent, and he can play offensively as well as defensively. The ball in his power shot travels in the same path as Brazil's Firebird Shot, but the ball is a sword now, which pierces the opponent if he blocks it. The reason for this shot is that Czech Republic has the most castles per square meter of any country in the world.

Screenshot 2015-12-05-13-31-14 1

3.0 Austria = Austria's power shot is called the Glacier Shot. This shot is similar to Cyborg’s Robot Fist Shot. A huge glacier comes out of Austria's goal and it travels over the ground towards the opponent's goal. The glacier takes the opponent with it when he doesn't counter it and then it scores. Austria is a tough opponent. He doesn't score many goals, but he doesn't concede many as well.

Screenshot 2015-12-05-13-31-46 1

3.0 Ireland = Ireland has the counter attack of Switzerland as his power shot, not with a snowball, but with a green plant ball completely made of four-leaf clovers.

Screenshot 2015-12-05-13-08-50 1

3.0 Romania = Romania has the Netherlands’s Black Hole Shot, but instead he shoots a big bubble of blood with the ball inside. The ball travels extremely slowly, but the effect on the opponent is nice: he disappears. The shot is easy to counter, but when the opponent doesn't counter it, Romania has a great chance of scoring, but now and then he misses an open goal chance, as his specialty is defending, not scoring.

Screenshot 2015-12-05-13-08-04 1

3.0 Ukraine = Unlike Head Soccer, all characters are male in Head Soccer 2. Therefore, Ukraine doesn't only have another power shot, but he also has a different appearance, which I will describe here. Ukraine has a very pale skin and dark blond, short and scraggly hair. He has big, dark circles under his grey colored eyes, a grumpy facial expression, a square chin, big ears and a big hooked nose. He looks sturdy and muscular and he even looks a bit like a gangster. He plays rather defensively, he can jump high and it's nearly impossible to beat him with a really good result. Because iron is one of Ukraine's most significant natural resources and Ukraine is one of the highest iron producing countries in the world, he has Indonesia's air shot, in which many iron ropes come out of the sky and try to drag Ukraine's opponent away from the field.

Screenshot 2015-12-05-13-13-29 1

3.0 Australia = In the new Head Soccer format, Australia has Nigeria’s Tornado Shot, a pretty good shot and it can make the opponent fly into the air. I know, tornadoes occur more in the USA, but USA already has another power shot and big tornadoes also occur in Australia.

Screenshot 2015-12-01-15-37-56 1

3.5 Greece = The Greek character, who really looks like a Greek, gets Czech Republic's ground shot, but now it's called Zeus Shot. Zeus was the sky and thunder god in ancient Greek religion. Zeus smashes a big lightning bolt into the ground and afterwards, two lightning shockwaves travel horizontally through the ground. When the opponent doesn't jump at the right time, he will get electrocuted and burned down to ashes. Also, when the opponent touches the lightning bolt when it gets smashed into the ground, he will disappear, and then, Greece will have a great chance to score. The Greek national football team plays defensively, so Greece in Head Soccer 2 plays very defensively too. He concedes remarkably few goals for a 3.5 star opponent, but he also has trouble finding the net himself.

Screenshot 2015-12-05-13-14-15 1

3.5 Turkey = Turkey has the power shot which Cyborg had after taking serious damage: the Missile Shot. Turkey is now a three point five star opponent in Head Soccer and he plays remarkably aggressively. It's like he plays a kind of fight football.

Mon-K's playing style

Mon-K's playing style

Screenshot 2015-12-05-19-24-54 1

3.5 Mon-K = Mon-K, the first non-country character in the game, looks like a nerd and plays like one. He is scared of the ball, effects from costumes, the opponent and especially his opponent's power shot, he even dodges it. This while he isn't really an awful footballer. If you let him play his game he can be pretty good, but he lacks self-confidence and aggressiveness. You have an almost free passage to the goal if you make him even more scared by keeping up the pressure, playing aggressively and kicking him as much as you can. But now here comes the hard part of playing against Mon-K, because it isn't that simple. If you score many goals, his power shot bar will be charged fast too. When he activates his power shot, he will transform into the Hulk and then it's like he's taking revenge on you, because he becomes aggressive and very good himself and he will kick your ass! His power shot is almost unstoppable too: It is his own counter attack. He will scream at his opponent, pushing him back, and then a stone will go into the net which carries the ball.

Screenshot 2015-12-05-13-10-18 1

3.5 USA = USA is an average character in Head Soccer 2, but he has very high speed and jumping stats. The USA has the most powerful army in the world right now. Therefore, he gets Ecuador's counter attack, the Machine Gun Shot. USA will have a machine gun and shoots several bullets. The last one has the ball and also makes the player explode.

Screenshot 2015-12-05-13-28-24 1

3.5 Ecuador = Ecuador has a volcano variant of Thailand's air shot, in honor of the incredible Galápagos Islands, all formed by volcanic eruptions. In the background, a volcano appears and it erupts, and several volcanic rocks fall down from the sky. Then, Ecuador shoots the actual ball. Ecuador's power shot is a simple straight line, but the falling rocks make it much harder to block or counter the shot. If you get hit by one of them, it will change your controls. The key is to avoid these falling rocks and then to block/counter the ball.

Super Saiyan's playing style

Super Saiyan's playing style

Screenshot 2015-12-05-19-24-31 1

3.5 Super Saiyan = Super Saiyan is a very talented, but capricious and childish playing character in Head Soccer 2. Sometimes he plays good, offensively and eagerly and sometimes he plays very shaky, unstable, bad and unimaginative and makes too many mistakes, like most talents. This character keeps his own shot, which is called Super Ball Shot. It is a mix of Italy’s (now Serbia's) Giant Shot and Brazil’s (and now Czech Republic's) shot. Super Saiyan is fast and he can jump high, he is a good athlete. The expectation is that one day, he will be one of the top characters, but that day clearly still has to come.

Screenshot 2015-12-05-19-24-37 1

3.5 Z = Z is slow, very aggressive and he isn't a really good footballer, like most zombies. Actually he isn't interested in football at all. Instead of trying to kick the ball, he will try to kick you, as he is only interested in your 'brains'. But if you can manage to avoid Z, you will have great chances of scoring. The reason why he still is a 3.5 star character (the best one, even), is because he is a power shot master. He has Devil’s shot, but with zombies. During the power shot, the ball is carried in the mouth of one of the zombies. These zombies don't walk/float/fly straight but they bob up and down. Sometimes this works so perfectly that the ball bobs up over the defender and back down into the goal, so the opponent isn't able to do anything about it. The zombies will leave an acidic, green substance afterwards that will cover the ground and if any player steps in it, he will disappear for a few seconds. The opponent disappears in the same way if he blocks Z’s Zombie Shot. Z is also the best at countering shots, so he has almost full control over his own power shot as well as power shots of others. This may mean that your shot isn't as good as usual against him. The best way to beat him, is to show your footballing abilities and not to use your power shot very often. Oh, and try to dodge him anytime, before he 'eats your brains', read: kicks the hell out of you!

Screenshot 2015-12-05-13-08-36 1

4.0 Japan = Japan, the country of the rising sun, the ninjas, the samurai and the shuriken has a power shot that fits him very well: Singapore’s first shot, the Shuriken Shot, but without the glitch in which the opponent disappears if you walk in front of your own power shot to get hit by the shuriken you just launched. Japan likes attacking and he can run fast and jump high.

Screenshot 2015-12-05-13-27-01 1

4.0 South Korea = This little guy is a very rigid and defensively playing character. He plays with mentality and willpower and is not the worst Head Soccer player anymore. South Korea has Georgia's counter attack as his mighty power-up now, which is quite difficult to counter.

Screenshot 2015-12-05-13-11-15 1

4.0 Sweden = Sweden keeps his own Viking Boat Shot. It's good, because the opponent doesn't know where the ball will come from. Sweden shoots several cannon balls which will damage the opponent, but the one which contains the ball is always in a different spot. Sweden is a character who scores quite many goals, but isn't really good at defending.

Screenshot 2015-12-05-13-12-07 1

4.0 Russia = Russia's special move is Mexico’s power shot, but now it is an ice hand which is harder to counter. Once the defender has been grabbed by the hand, Russia has a second to move around until he slams the defender into the ground. He uses this to waste some time by keeping the defender behind him before he scores. The only bad part about Mexico’s Hand Shot was an annoying bug in which Mexico bounced around after he launched the power shot, but this bug is fixed now, so Russia won't be bouncing around like Mexico always did. Russia plays very defensively and it's nearly impossible to beat him with a really high result. However, when Russia plays against really bad characters, he often reaches double figures. He also has good jumping ability.


4.0 PumpKill = PumpKill is the comeback king of Head Soccer 2. He always underestimates his opponents and overestimates himself: He thinks he can beat anyone, even if he's 5 goals behind. So, he always starts the game by doing almost nothing, but when he suddenly realizes that he might lose the match if he continues this way he will do his best to still win. He can leave you behind speechless if you easily took the lead first and thought you had everything under control, but conceded some goals and PumpKill went on to win the game. Always stay focused while facing him, if you play it smart, you can win! Fortunately for PumpKill he is helped by his power shot, which is strong. It is the air shot he has now, but there are some differences. After the pumpkin is squeezed, not only 10 globs of goo come out but also two pumpkin bats holding small scythes, and they have the ball. If one of them hits you, it will behead you with its scythe, the globs of goo are merely there for distraction.

Asura's playing style

Asura's playing style

Screenshot 2015-12-05-19-24-17 1

4.0 Asura = Asura is the most defensively, minimalistic and rigid playing opponent in the whole game, and he is very, very aggressive. In every game, he tries to score as few goals as possible to still win the game. His ideal match is a 0-0, and a winning goal for him in the Sudden death. His power shot, just like himself, isn’t good at scoring goals, but at wasting time. It is Romania’s first shot. Asura flies towards his opponent (not as a bat) and then he spends a ton of time beating up the opponent. When he's finally finished, it takes only one second before the opponent is back on the field again so often neither Asura nor the opponent can score. After the shot, Asura will fly back to his goal so he can prevent an own goal in case the ball bounces back.

Screenshot 2015-12-05-13-28-06 1

4.0 Mexico = Julio Cezar Chavez, Carlos Zarate, Erik Morales, Ricardo Lopez and today Juan Manuel Marquez. They are all Mexican boxers and that's why the Mexican character has Asura's Fist Shot. Mexico starts in front of his goal and shoots 4 boxing gloves that hold maracas towards his opponent.

Screenshot 2015-12-05-13-19-36 1

4.0 Switzerland = Switzerland's power shot is the Ibex Shot. It is basically his current air shot, the Super Yeti Shot, but now an Alpine ibex throws the huge snowball into the opponent's goal with its horns. Switzerland plays well and he's quite good at scoring goals.

Screenshot 2015-12-05-13-30-38 1

4.0 Poland = Poland is a goal machine who can jump higher than most other players. When he does his power shot, he picks up a giant fish by its tail and smashes it on the ground in front of him. When the opponent was standing too close, he will be crushed by the fish. Then, the fish shoots the ball out of its mouth towards the goal. You have probably noticed that this shot is similar to Finland's current counter attack.

Screenshot 2015-12-05-19-10-33 1

4.0 Croatia = He has New Zealand’s power shot, which is a straight-line power shot, but it has a unique flare to it and that is lightning. When Croatia starts his power up, lightning targets the spot where the defender is currently standing, and another spot close to the first spot. The lightning shocks the opponent, making him transparent to the ball, so that the power shot will score automatically. If the ball then hits the opponent, he will be turned into a tennis ball that bounces around and cannot activate a power shot. Croatia has this shot because Nikola Tesla, who was born in Croatia, made many electronic inventions, and Croatia has achieved many successes in tennis.

Pluto's playing style

Pluto's playing style

Screenshot 2015-12-05-19-24-47 1

4.5 Pluto = Pluto has a catenaccio style of play, so: counter attacking. He focuses on defending, and when he gets the ball and sees the chance, he will run to the opponent’s goal and score out of nothing, or sometimes he will shoot or head the ball from his side of the pitch right into the goal. He is very fast, so all this countering of Pluto causes his opponents big problems. Pluto’s power shot is the counter shot he has now: the Blade Shot. The only difference is that it is much better now because the ball stays in place after the opponent has blocked it, so Pluto can easily walk the ball into the goal. This makes the power shot more a combination between Pluto's counter attack and WatermelBot's counter attack. Pluto's power shot in Head Soccer 2 also looks like counter attacking, as he flies to the goal at a very high speed and tries to score as soon as he gets the ball. He is also one of the best at countering power shots of others.

WatermelBot 's playing style

WatermelBot 's playing style


4.5 WatermelBot = WatermelBot kicks always and everything: the ball, you, power shots, and that can result in world-class goals as he has great shot ability. The power shot he uses in Head Soccer 2 is his own ground shot, which has a very strong knockback effect.

Screenshot 2015-12-05-13-33-47 1

4.5 Colombia = Colombia has Australia's ground shot. The ball will become big and then Colombia teleports it in a straight line over the ground to his opponent's goal. When the opponent blocks the ball, he changes into a salamander, because there are lots of amphibian animals in Colombia. Colombia is good at scoring goals by kicking the ball, and he often scores magnificent goals by doing so.

Screenshot 2015-12-05-13-36-19 1

4.5 Chile = Thailand's ground shot is now Chile’s power shot. This is the Super Meteor Shot, with one giant meteor that sometimes hits the player and pushes him away, making him fly into the air. Then, the actual ball comes out of the sky towards the opponent's goal. The Chilean character is a no-nonsense footballer, not afraid of making fouls on his opponents.

Screenshot 2015-12-05-13-34-07 1

4.5 Uruguay = Uruguay has killer instinct in front of goal. He almost never misses a one-on-one, so look out for him. The same applies for his power shot if he uses it in the right spot: France's Underground Shot. Uruguay smashes the ball into the ground and the ball comes up closer to the opponent’s goal. If Uruguay is too far from the opponent’s goal, the ball will go over and if he is too close, the ball will disappear for a few seconds and spawn in the center of the field. This shot can guarantee Uruguay a goal if he uses it in the middle of the field.

Screenshot 2015-12-05-13-35-29 1

4.5 England = Yes, England, not the United Kingdom anymore (for this, please see Idea 5: United Kingdom idea under the heading Other ideas on this page), has as well as Z a power shot that bobs up and down. England - a real "Speedy Gonzales" (he is fast) - has Belgium's Music Shot, for the obvious reason that many popular musicians come from England: The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Bee Gees, Phil Collins, Queen, Led Zeppelin, Adele, Coldplay… The after effect of the power shot is that it changes the opponent into a typical Englishman with a bowler hat, who seems very stressed and walks back and forth until he becomes normal again. But when the ball falls behind England, he won't walk it into his own goal like Belgium always does now.

Screenshot 2015-12-05-13-36-02 1

4.5 Belgium = Belgium is an allround player, he commands every facet of football. His special move is called the Dark Shot, which was originally used by Germany. Belgium's power shot is very good when he is high in the air and it is efficient, because only one ball of the three is needed to enter the goal to score.

Screenshot 2015-12-05-13-35-45 1

4.5 Portugal = Portugal has a power shot that is roughly Uruguay’s Missile Shot. Portugal's version has a caravel, which fires bombs. Some of these bombs hold a ball and if the opponent gets hit, he will explode and disappear, but overall it's the same as the original shot when it was used by Uruguay. A caravel is a small sailing ship developed in the 15th century by the Portuguese to explore along the West African coast and into the Atlantic Ocean. These ships were used for the oceanic exploration voyages during the 15th and 16th centuries in the age of discovery. This character is great at scoring goals as well as defending, as well as playing rough football, and he plays with great determination.

Screenshot 2015-12-05-13-11-36 1

4.5 Netherlands = The Netherlands has more to do with water than with black holes, and the new power shot for the Netherlands is roughly Switzerland’s ground shot, but different. The power shot starts with a stream of water that flows from the Netherlands's side of the field to his opponent's side. If the opponent doesn't counter it, he will be encased in a bubble and the ball is also in the bubble. Then, a giant cheese will roll out of the Netherlands’s goal and it breaks the bubble, but this doesn't always score. The key to score is to kick the bubble with the opponent and the ball into the goal, so the cheese will break it in the goal and the ball ends up there. The Netherlands is a good offensively playing character in Head Soccer, who plays high-pressure football and wants to have possession. But if you play counter football and wait for him to make mistakes, you will surely get some big chances to score.

Valentine's playing style

Valentine's playing style

Screenshot 2015-12-05-19-24-23 1

5.0 Valentine = Valentine is yet another non-country character in the game with an own distinctive style of play. He can jump high and is very fast. Because he is a clown, he will try to entertain the public by doing unexpected, even crazy and illogical things. He can play very good or very bad, you never know what he is going to do if he plays against you, but somehow he usually wins. Sometimes he decides to score only world-class goals, sometimes as many or as few goals as possible, or collect as many counter attacks, goal line clearances or coins as possible. The last thing brings me to the next point: his power shot, because he gets the coins from his power shot. Valentine has Ireland’s Rainbow Shot, but it knocks the opponent back much more than usual (a bit like the glitch when you counter Ireland's power shot). When the opponent gets hit, he will drop five coins, each worth 10 points; another good reason to play as Valentine.

Screenshot 2015-12-05-13-33-07 1

5.0 France = If France activates his power shot, the Eiffel Tower appears on France’s side of the field. Then, a big ball flies from the top corner of the opponent’s side of the field towards the Eiffel Tower with great speed, and it hits the monument. Because of the elasticity of the Eiffel tower, the ball gets launched towards the opponent’s goal. So France’s power shot is basically Austria’s counter shot, but with some extra flair that makes it have more to do with the country. France is also one of the fastest characters in Head Soccer.

Screenshot 2015-12-05-13-32-47 1

5.0 Italy = This fat guy doesn't look a good footballer, but now he has 5 stars he is really good. It's hard to score many goals against him as he is a good defender, and he regularly counters power shots too. But sometimes, Italy has serious trouble finding the net himself too, maybe because he hates leaving his side of the pitch. Besides, he is unpredictable, as he can play defensively as well as aggressively and spirited. His power shot is the Pizza Catapult Shot, Austria's first power shot, as the catapult was invented in Italy (by Greeks). When the power is activated, Italy yells "Catapulta!" and the catapult that he summons shoots two times. The first time the catapult shoots, it launches three pizzas, the second time it fires only one pizza with the ball. This power shot takes a lot of time but there are big chances of scoring for Italy, not in the last place because he bothers his opponents most of the time when the pizzas are launched, so there is a higher chance they get hit by them.

Screenshot 2015-12-05-13-35-14 1

5.0 Argentina = The 2014 World Cup runner-up has United Kingdom's power shot, the Hawkeye Shot. Once Argentina activates the power shot, the red arrows make it impossible for the opponent to jump, and very difficult to dash forward and block the ball. This power shot is hard to counter and deals massive damage that can hardly be avoided if the opponent wants to block it. Argentina plays pretty defensively, but still, he can score goals easily, as he has a great shot and heading ability.

Screenshot 2015-12-05-13-34-27 1

5.0 Spain = The former World champion plays good and fun-to-watch football based on possession and has India’s air shot. Spain jumps in the air and fires 15 to 20 fireballs towards the goal. If the opponent gets struck by the fire, his controls are switched, which makes it even harder to stop Spain's power shot. It is the best around mid-line. Therefore, Spain is mostly to be found near the center circle. His only flaw is having trouble to score sometimes.

Screenshot 2015-12-05-13-35-02 1

5.0 Brazil = The Amazon rainforest is in Brazil, so Brazil has Luxembourg’s Plant Shot. This shot is hard to stop because it shoots three balls and it can knock you out. Brazil should really be on the opponent’s side of the field when he uses the Plant Shot. Therefore, Brazil plays offensively. Brazil is a very talented football player in Head Soccer 2 with great skills and incredible technic. His specialties are taking long shots and dribbling with the ball.

Screenshot 2015-12-05-13-34-40 1

5.0 Germany = Germany, the current World champion, is one of the hardest characters in Head Soccer 2 to beat. He is very offensive, and he wants to humiliate other players by winning a game by 10 goals or more. He can jump high, and he tries to have as much possession as possible. His power shot is Ecuador's air shot, the Helicopter Shot. A helicopter will fly over, and Germany jumps in. He will start shooting at the player with his machine gun and at the end of the shot he will drop a Maßkrug (instead of the rocket) which has the ball. A Maßkrug is a gigantic German beer mug, often associated with the Oktoberfest, and it's the only difference in Germany's shot in comparison with the original shot, it also has exactly the same effect.

Screenshot 2015-12-05-19-24-09 1

5.0 Devil = If you were really good at Head Soccer and you could beat every character in the game, you probably wanted better characters. Now Devil may make you cry. In the new Head Soccer game, Devil is much better. He tries to humiliate and destroy you, even more than Germany, and he wants to have ball possession and full control over the match. He is very, very good, fast and he can jump really high, he almost flies. The bigger his lead, the better Devil gets. So when it is 8-0 for him, he is much better than when it is 0-0 and he only becomes better. And he is also better in a Head Cup final than in the first game of the Head Cup, so it's a bit all or nothing for Devil, he gets better the further he gets. When he can’t dominate the game, he gets impaired and then the opponent might beat him, and possibly even humiliate Devil himself! But watch out, even while you take the lead against Devil, because if he has scored a few times in a row he gets better again and might do an unbelievable comeback. Devil has Pluto’s first shot, which is very good, especially against bad opponents who can’t jump that high. When Devil activates his power shot, he will make some gruesome sounds and transforms into a gigantic devil with horns, a trident and a tail. Then, after 1, 2, 3, or 4 seconds (this is always random), he runs towards the opponent's goal. This power shot is hard to block and even harder to counter, especially because you don't know when the Devil starts running. After the opponent has blocked the shot, the ball will mostly bounce away, but Devil is a master in taking the ball under control again and scoring before you're back on the field.

Cyborg's playing style

Cyborg's playing style

Screenshot 2015-12-05-19-23-49 1

5.0 Cyborg = Cyborg has Spain’s power shot, but with rockets instead of balls, so you will get knocked out more. He quickly jet packs to the top of the screen and launches three rockets, but only one of them has to go in to score a goal. Cyborg is so defensive, that he actually seems like a goalkeeper. He never leaves his penalty box and if something or someone comes inside his box, he kicks it out of it. He plays in a constant, violent and rigid way. It is hard to score a goal against him and Cyborg scores with long shots from his own box, which are deadly and well-placed. And because he stays in the box, he uses his power shot in the range where it almost always scores. But how then is it possible to beat him? Well, only if you somehow manage to score a goal and then keep the ball with you. So don't give it to Cyborg, but this requires patience. He never comes out of the box, so he won't come and get it, but if Cyborg is the first to score a goal in a match, chances that you will still win are heavily decreased, so be careful.

Kepler 22B's playing style

Kepler 22B's playing style

Screenshot 2015-12-05-19-24-01 1

5.0 Kepler 22B = Finally, the boss character of Head Soccer 2: Kepler 22B. This alien can jump so high that he almost seems to fly across the field and is by far the fastest character in the game. He is violent and is the most offensively playing character of all: He tries to score as many goals as possible and almost every shot he launches is on target. However, he isn’t a very good defender. This means that there will be scored many goals on both sides and it causes games with unbelievable results, like 19-16 or 20-12 wins for Kepler. The opponent just has to try to score more goals than Kepler 22B, but only if you play a magnificent game, you can beat him. Currently, Kepler 22B can only copy power shots of characters that come before him, meaning no Helicopter Shot, Meteor Shot or Plant Shot. But now he can copy all power shots of all characters in Head Soccer 2! The reason his power up is so good is because his opponent never knows which one it's going to be. It's even more unpredictable now because Kepler doesn't imitate the original character's sound anymore. The only bad things about him is that he still copies bad power shots and that he sometimes uses them in places where they can’t score, like the Hawkeye Shot in front of the opponent’s goal. Still, beating the final character is one of the hardest things you will ever have to do in the game. That he is so good now also makes it much more exciting when you hit Kepler 22B's UFO in the Tournament final, because it is everything but sure that you walk away with the Tournament trophy after the match!

Power shots that aren't in the game anymore or not yet (1 = first shot, 2 = second shot, G = ground shot, C = counter attack): Canada 1, Canada G, Chile, Egypt, Valentine, Greece 1, Greece C, Z G, Israel 1, Australia 1, Denmark C, Colombia G, Romania G, Romania C, South Africa 1, South Africa G, South Africa C, Austria G, Thailand C, Saudi Arabia 1, Saudi Arabia C, Singapore G, Singapore C, Belgium C, Croatia 1, Croatia G, Croatia C, Uruguay G, Uruguay C, Hungary 1, Hungary G, Hong Kong 1, Hong Kong G, Hong Kong C, Ecuador G, Mon-K 1, Mon-K G, Czech Republic 1, Czech Republic C, Nepal 1, Nepal G, Nepal C, Georgia 1, Georgia G, Indonesia G, Indonesia C, Ukraine 1, Ukraine G, Ukraine C, Serbia 1, Serbia G, Serbia C, WatermelBot 1, PumpKill G, PumpKill C, Bulgaria 1, Bulgaria G, Bulgaria C, Finland 1, Finland G

Idea 2: New League mode Edit

The League mode would be better in my opinion if you could get relegated and promoted. So League mode becomes a bit like FIFA Ultimate Team and it also looks more like national football leagues in real life. You'll start off in Amateur League. You can't relegate, but you gain promotion when you become champion. The characters who become second and third play one more game against each other, to fight for the other promotion ticket. In Minor League, the promotion system works exactly the same. If you become tenth, you will get directly relegated. The characters who become eighth and ninth, play one more game to decide who stays in the Minor League and who plays in the Amateur League next season. In the Major League, relegation works the same as in the Minor League. In the Major League, you can't gain promotion, but if you become first, you can win the glorious Major League trophy and you become Major League champion, which is the highest achievable.

The Leagues are divisions, so the strongest characters have to be in the best League. In the Amateur League, only opponents with 0.5 to 2.5 stars play. Players with 2 to 3.5 stars play in the Minor League and in the Major League are only opponents with 3 stars or more.

There isn't a Sudden death in the League anymore. This means that you have the eventuality to draw a match, which I think is better too. If players have the exact same amount of points in the League, the one with the better goal difference wins. It's not about scoring the most goals anymore. I also think it would be better if you don't have to play the 18th game against the character who is one place behind or in front of you. Because of this, there is one character you have to play three matches against and one opponent who you have to face only once in the League, which is very unrealistic and unnecessary. And currently, when you are first and you lose the 18th game, you will always become second. But not in the new League! If you have won the most games, you automatically win the League!

Other ideas (ideas 3-13) Edit

Here are some other ideas of mine to improve Head Soccer. These are mainly character and game mode improvements.

Character ideas Edit

Idea 3: Appearance idea

Characters should look a bit more like the inhabitants of their country, like Germany, Russia and Greece already do. Luxembourg, China, India and Australia do not. In Teh Sweggurboi's Ranking of Characters that Resemble their Country the Best you can see which characters I think are good already and which characters I think don't really resemble their own country well.

Idea 4: Results idea

Something that also has to be changed, is that CPUs play games with reliable results against each other. So in Head Soccer 2 that would mean results like Germany 14-2 Hong Kong, Italy 5-1 Greece, Cyborg 2-0 Super Saiyan, Kepler 22B 20-19 Valentine and Brazil 5-4 Argentina. Also, in the Head Cup, only characters that are strong can make it to the finals and in the League, the best characters win. A Head Cup final against Colombia which you win with 30-0 is history.

Idea 5: United Kingdom idea

I also want United Kingdom to be changed into England, because this is the case in real life. This way, also characters like Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland can be updated in the game.

Idea 6: Unlock requirement idea 1

The stronger the character is, the harder his unlock requirement should be. For example, to unlock India you have to win a Tournament and to unlock Cyborg you have to win SS Rank without losing more than 10 goals.

Idea 7: Unlock requirement idea 2

No more characters you have to pay real money for to get them.

Game mode ideas Edit

Idea 8: Survival idea

Normal Survival matches are against country characters, rank matches are against non-countries. Currently you always face Cyborg in Rank matches. Why Cyborg??

Idea 9: Multiplayer idea 1

The Multiplayer mode has to be improved very much, because it crashes and glitches a lot.

Idea 10: Multiplayer idea 2

You can also play a Tournament, League or Head Cup with friends online with Multiplayer now, but only if there are enough players.

Idea 11: New game mode idea 1: Mission mode

Addition of the new game mode Mission mode. There are 121 missions, some (very) easy, some (very) hard. Every mission is just a normal match of 60 seconds with Sudden death, but you have to complete a mission. Examples are 'Win a match by 15 goals', 'Do 10 counter attacks in a game against Italy and win the match', "Win without losing your costume', 'Collect 20 coins with Ireland' and 'Win a game with the exact result 8-4'. There are also Bonus missions, which you can do after you have completed the regular mission. And there are Special missions, matches which always have something particular to them, like a smaller goal, a trampoline ground or an opponent who has his upgrade stats doubled. You don't have to do the missions in a specific order, you can always do every mission you want and you will get high rewards if you complete them.

Idea 12: New game mode idea 2: Foosball tournament

Addition of the new game mode Foosball tournament. This isn’t really like table football of course, only the score system works the same: The player who scores a certain amount of goals first, wins. It is a tournament which looks a bit like the current Tournament, but you can choose yourself how many goals a player has to score to win a Foosball tournament match: 5, 10, 20 or 40. And you can choose how many matches there are to play: 3, 5, 8 or 10. If you choose 20 goals and 5 matches for example, you have to score 20 goals in all 5 matches to win the highly coveted Foosball cup. In principle there is no time range.

General idea Edit

Idea 13: Mistakes idea

Most annoying bugs and mistakes must be fixed (like Mexico's jumping bug after he has launched his shot and the mistake in which there are two Germanies in Minor League). All the mistakes that must be fixed are on the Mistakes page which could be a good to do list for D&D Dream.

Idea 14: Future updates Edit

Here I wrote down which characters I want to come in the game and in which order I want them to come. In future Head Soccer updates I would like some countries that have a good national football team, and I don't want many more non-country characters. Moreover, I don't want characters from a region or island which actually belongs to another country.

Next update: Iran, Costa Rica, Algeria

Next update: Iceland, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Ghana

Next update: Norway, Morocco and Peru

Next update: Scotland, Cyprus and Ivory Coast

Next update: Paraguay, Wales and United Arab Emirates

Next update: Tunisia, Iraq and Honduras

Next update: Cape Verde, Slovakia and Qatar

Next update: DR Congo, Belarus and Bolivia

Next update: Northern Ireland, Slovenia and Senegal

Next update: Syria, Venezuela and Estonia

Next update: Jamaica, Zambia and Albania

Until you have all good countries and later maybe even some worse characters like Philippines, Mongolia, Somalia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Suriname, Bangladesh, Kenya, Liechtenstein, Libya, Nicaragua, Greenland, Cuba, Vietnam, Sudan, Fiji, North Korea, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Vatican City.