This is FranceSwitzerland's Game Modes Rankings. I hope you like it!

8. Multiplayer Edit

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On the last place is Multiplayer. There are too many mistakes in Multiplayer and that just make it not fun to play. I also don't often play this game mode. I started playing on February 21, 2016. I think it will be much better if they fix these mistakes and make the Multiplayer bigger. It will be good in the future to make Tournaments, Leagues, Head Cups and maybe Survivals in the Multiplayer. That is just the same as that Game Modes, but against other people from all around the world. Multiplayer will be a great Game Mode if they do this and fix all those stupid mistakes. If they won't fix it, than it can't be weird Multiplayer is on the last place.

7. Survival Edit

This game mode takes too much time and because of that, you won't play it often. I also don't like that Cyborg wears the same Costumes most of the time. Also, it is too hard to get SS Ranks. Maybe they must make that Cyborg only can wear that Rank Costume in which Rank you are. The Pause for a time thing is also broken. When you sometimes start again, you will start with 3 balls. This is the biggest reason why I don't play much Survival. I hope also that D&D Dream fix this Glitch.

6. Fight ModeEdit

The newest game mode of Head Soccer is on place 6. The idea of this Game Mode is really good. You see a world map and have to play against 8 random opponents. You shouldn't beat them with more goals, but the characters who first manages to have the opponent's HP at 0 wins. I really like this and you probably ask why Fight Mode is so low on the rankings. There are some things in this Game Mode that annoy me very much. First of all, I hate it very much that you always have to play in the last 4 matches against the Philippines, Senegal, Bolivia and Silicon Valley. That totally isn't fun and D&D Dream just should do that you get 4 random opponents instead of them. Another thing that I also really hate is that when you play in the last match against Silicon Valley, you can get smashed out of the stadium and when that happens, you already lose 80 HP!! That is very stupid! Also, Silicon Valley is too hard to beat because of that and you get it very often that you are smashed out of the stadium. D&D Dream really has to fix this. These things are only very annoying. I didn't told you the worst of all. That are the stupid pets! They are the most stupid of all! I don't even have any idea what D&D Dream thought when they created those pets. They are only annoying. The most of all I hate the pets that are standing before the goal and because of that you can't score. That's very very stupid and makes this game very hard! I really hope those stupid pets will be deleted in Head Soccer. They don't add anything. Fight Mode would probably have been my most favorite Game Mode after Head Cup, but because of all these things, I can't rank it higher than this. They really should create that you get 12 random opponents, you don't lose so much hp when you are smashes out of the stadium by Silicon Valley and the most of all needed: Delete those stupid pets!!!

5. TournamentEdit

Only 3 games and then you get a low reward. That makes it very boring to play. It would be more fun if they make the reward higher. Maybe they must make something where you can make your own Tournament. Here you then can choose the opponents where you must play against and how much opponents there are. How bigger the Tournament how more points, of course.

4. LeagueEdit

League is a good Game Mode with a high reward but it is not very funny to play. The reason for this is that you must play 18 games and not with very action in it. It would be better to play if they make so variations in it. More details about how every character play, let all the Characters even good play and not the Ranks always random. Now the most time you can come on place one with on place 2 a player who have lost 4 or 5 games. Also it must be more real. So you won't come on place 2 if you lost the last match against place 2 and had every match won.

3. Death Mode Edit

Death Mode is on place 3. The Idea of Death Mode is really good and it's totally different than other Game Modes. The only thing I don't like very much of this is that it takes so much time when you finally win the Death Mode. You must play 120 matches totally! Another thing why this Game Mode is so different, is that here are Obstacles in every round. I like the most that they are always different. At the beginning I thought there was only the 100 Ton Weight, but luckily that wasn't true. Also is it good that every round has an own Boss. The thing I like the most is that the Obstacle and Costume of the Boss are also always good based on the Boss. So Portugal wears the Spider Web Costume, Switzerland wears the Ice Costume, Z wears the Zombie Costume, etc. And not to forget: Luxembourg's Obstacle are plants that eats the opponent, Z's Obstacle are monsters that shoots at the opponent, Sweden's Obstacle is a big cannon, etc. Only is the end stupid. You must choose from 3 possibilities and by all it will end that the Characters you just saved will kick your Character??? What??? Did I missed something? Why they kick me when I saved them? You must be happy I saved you idiots! Also I think the Reward of 100,000 points is to small for 120 matches. In Head Cup you get 30,000 points for 7 matches. When you play 4 Head Cups (7×4=28) you already get more points as in the Death Mode for 120 matches. 28 and 120 is almost a difference of 100 matches. Sorry, but I'm just wasting my time and that's the reason why Death Mode not comes higher as place 3.

2. ArcadeEdit

This one is better to play then other ones. Here are some more actions because you can get here Achievements and see the Stars of every Character. I also like it because you can here play against every character in the Updates Rankings. Also it's good for beginners. You only need to beat every Character and that makes it a bit less funny. It will be good if their comes something where you can play with every Characters against each other without first need to beat other Character.

1. Head CupEdit

This is by far the best Game Mode in Head Soccer. It has almost everything: high reward, action, better players and it is harder to win. I have won around 500 Head Cups and this is the Game Mode that I play the most. I only don't like that you must play the often against the same Characters. Hungary, India, Hong Kong, Denmark, Italy, USA are Characters where you must play the most against and it would be more fun if you must play more often against Characters where you must play less against.

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