Continent cups is my new game mode idea for head soccer. There are 6 cups, in all the cups you need to have one character of the respective Cup. When you use a character in the cup, you can't be the same character.

The CupsEdit

American Cup:Edit

There are 8 countries (including you). There are two groups with 4 countries each one. The two first of the bow groups go to semifinals (that are) first group A VS second group B and first group B VS second group A. Then a final and a third place match. When you won, you go to confederations coup, participants Countries are Canada, USA, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Ecuador and Chile, you one of this countries to play.

Africa Cup:Edit

Is the most little cup, has just 4 countries (Cameroon, Nigeria, Egypt and South Africa) is a group like Champions League groups with two matches vs the same country. Guy with more points won.

Asian/Oceanic Cup:Edit

There are 8 countries (South Korea, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, China, Japan, India, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Nepal, Australia and New Zealand) is the same format than the America Cup .

European Cup:Edit

Is the biggest cup has 20 teams (Russia, Italy, Germany, Spain, France, UK, Netherlands, Turkey, Portugal, Poland, Ireland, Greece, Sweden, Israel, Denmark, Luxembourg, Romania, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Croatia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Georgia, Ukraine and Serbia). Russia, Israel and Turkey play in UEFA , so they have to be with European countries. First all teams has two play a play-off match whit other country, so just 10 teams pass. In the second round are two groups of five teams, just one match VS a countries, not two. The two first and seconds go to semifinals.

Non-Countries Cup:Edit

There are 10 teams (Kepler 22B, Cyborg, Devil, Asura, Valentine, Saiyan, Z, Pluto, WatermelBot, and Pumpkill.) the format is the same as the American and Asian/Oceanic Cup .

Confederations Cup:Edit

Winner of all the six cups play all the things like don't use Power Shot and don't use kick are reset. There are two groups of three teams. First two teams go to the final.

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