Continent leagues is my idea of new mode in head soccer There are 6 leagues if you won a continent League you can participate in champions league .The top two teams in the league qualify. If you pick a country from the league,you will have to face countries from that area.

Americas league : this league has countries from North America,and South America.( USA, Canada,Mexico, Chile,Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador and Uruguay) but you only have to face 3 of them (randomly selected),2 times.

African league : just have 4 teams (Cameroon, Nigeria, Egypt And South Africa ) you face three of them twice and it is randomly selected.

Asian league : has 8 characters ( South Korea, Japan ,Turkey, China, Australia , New Zealand , Singapore , Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Hong Kong, India, Nepal and Indonesia ) Australia and New zealand is from Oceania but the are only two and that why there are in Asia League.It is randomly selected so you will have to face 3 of these teams.

Europe league : Has European teams ( Hungary, Croatia, Israel, Sweden, Ireland, United kingdom, Spain, Germany, France, Netherlands, Portugal, Poland, Greece ,Denmark ,Luxembourg, Switzerland, Romania, Belgium, Austria, Czech Republic, Georgia, Ukraine, Serbia, Bulgaria and Finland )3 teams randomly selected and you have to face each of them twice.

Non - countries league : is a league with all the non countries. (Kepler 22-B, Cyborg, Z, Pluto, Super saiyan, Asura, Devil, Valentine, Mon-K, WatermelBot and PumpKill ) you play 3 teams twice.

Champions league : is the league with instant elimination and the top 2 winners of each league. Winning reward is 100,000 points.

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