This is a general idea by Ecuadorsoccer, with special help from Teh Sweggurboi, FranceSwitzerland, Landoman9582 and Fire mummy.

What is it?Edit

Dp Head soccer

Head Soccer

The Daily Challenge consists of a specific challenges every day except Sundays. Each challenge has a specific reward. Now some of my Daily Challenge ideas.

Week 1Edit

Day Photo Challenge Reward
1. Searching day

Hidden character, purple balloon

There will be 10 hidden characters appearing in different matches. You must find all of them in one day. 80 000 points.
2. Uruguay's day


You must earn 500 000 points using Uruguay in one day.

Uruguay's costume.
3. Lucky day
Four-leaf-clover-157968 640

Lucky day

You must win the Head Cup without using dash, to win a ticket for the Head Raffle. Rewards in characters, costumes and points. 1000 winners.
4. Winter day
Winter day

Winter day

You must win the Head Cup 3 times each with Russia, Canada, Poland and Switzerland. +50% of your points.
5. Non- countries day
Question-mark-40876 640

Which county???

You must win the Minor League 3 times with Non-country characters. Free matches against Pluto and Asura for 3 days.
6. Ecuador's day


You must win 10,000 points in Ecuador's minigame, which consists in killing zombies with his air shot. Double reward with Ecuador for 3 days.

Week 2Edit

Day Photo Challenge Reward
1. Z's day

Z's day

You must earn 500 000 points using Z in one day. Zombie mask.
2. Fear of heights day

Fear of heights

You must win against 15 characters without using jump in Arcade mode. Jump +2.
3. Quiz day
Descarga (1)

Quiz time

Win all achievements against 5 characters in Arcade mode in one day. 5 000 points per achievement.
4. Off day
Descarga (2)

25% off

Unlock 5 characters in one day. 25% off on characters.
5. Alternatives' day
Images (4)


Unlock an SS rank costume without using glitches. All easier Unlock requirements in Survival. Win the A rank instead of SS rank.
6. Pacifists' day
200px-Peace dove.svg

Peace day

Win 5 Head Cups without using kick and power shot and without wearing a costume. Greece.

Week 3Edit

Day Photo Challenge Reward
1. Motionless day


You must win the Tournament without moving left or right. 40 000 points.
2. Bubble's day


Reach S rank using Turkey. South Africa's


3. Counter

attacks' day


Mon-K's counter attack

Win the Major League with 80 counter attacks. Double Head Cup reward for 3 days.
4. Oceania day
Oceania 2


Win 5 achievements against Australia using New Zealand and 5 achievements against New Zealand using Australia. 50% off on Indonesia.
5. Singapore's day


Win 10 Head Cups using Singapore. Singapore's costume.
6. Colorful day


Collect 20 green balloons. Stadium in different colors: sepia, black and white, night and rainbow.

Week 4Edit

Day Photo Challenge Reward
1. Arcade day
Saudi Arabia in Arcade

Arcade mode

Win 25 games in Arcade mode in one day. 40 000 points.
2. Second opportunity day
Four-leaf-clover-157968 640

Lucky day

You must win the Head Cup without conceding more than 10 goals to get a ticket for the Head Raffle. Rewards in characters, costumes and points.1000 winners.
3. Biggest and smallest day
Russia in Tournament




Win 5 achievements against Singapore using Russia, and 5 achievements against Russia using Singapore. 15% off on costumes.
4. Classic power shots' day.

South Korea

You must win the Major League using South Korea or Cameroon. Power +3 for first 14 characters.
5. Head Soccer King's day


You must win 10 Tournaments using Kepler 22B. Unlocked Head Soccer King for 3 days, who has all power shots in the game.
6. Missile's day


You must win the Head Cup with Cyborg, Denmark, Uruguay and Ecuador, 3 times each. Nepal's Unlock requirement changed: Win the Amateur League without jump, instead of the Major League.

Week 5Edit

Day Photo Challenge Reward
1. Tournament's day
Tournament South Korea


Win 5 Tournaments without using kick. 45 000 points.
2. Slowly day
Ireland VS Saudi Arabia Arcade

Win Arcade mode without dashing

Win against 10 characters without using dash in Arcade mode. New Zealand's costume.
3. Leagues' day
Major League


Earn 150 000 points playing only Leagues. Double reward in the Leagues for 3 days.
4. Spider's day
Portugal in Arcade


Reach A rank in Survival using Portugal.

75% off on Australia's costume.

5. Update 3.0's day.
Belgium and Pluto

Update 3.0

Earn 500 000 points using 3.0 update characters. 50% off on Pluto.
6. Devil and Mon-K's day.


Win 3 achievements against both Devil and Mon-K. You can unlock Devil and Mon-K, both only by paying 5 000 000 points.

Week 6Edit

Day Photo Challenge Reward
1. Millionaire's day
Screenshot 2015-09-17-17-52-21 1

Ireland with coins

Collect 500 coins (5000) points) with Ireland. Ireland's coins worth 100 points each for one whole week.
2. Crossbar day
Screenshot 2015-09-21-10-06-13 1

Crossbar challenge

Hit the crossbar 15 times today. India's costume.
3. South America day
Screenshot 2015-09-21-10-07-37 1

South America

Win at least one Tournament with every South American character. Ecuador
4. 10's day
Screenshot 2015-09-21-10-06-53 1

10 is the lucky number

Win at least 10 times by 10 goals or more. 5 random D, E and F rank costumes.
5. Comeback day
Screenshot 2015-09-21-10-10-41 1

Keep calm and...

Come back from 5 goals behind 15 times today. 50 000 points.
6. Treble's day
Screenshot 2015-09-21-11-19-45 1

The three Leagues

Win all three Leagues at least once today. Double reward in the League for the next 3 days.

Week 7Edit

Day Photo Challenge Reward
1. Girls' day
12004957 941429125922755 6848697283487377526 n

Update 3.5

Win against 10 characters without getting injured using Ukraine or Serbia. Kick +2 and Jump +1.
2. Powershot exchange day
Character60 1



South Korea

The last character exchanges power shot with the first. You must win the Major League with the last character. Free Head Cups for a whole week.
3. Cameroon's day


You must earn 400 000 points using Cameroon in one day. If you play with Cameroon, he has the same power button effect as Uruguay.
4. Robot's day
Nepal's Air Shot

Nepal's robot

You must win 14 Head Cups using Cyborg, Croatia or Nepal. 20% off on Nepal's costume.
5. Ancient day
IFlag of ussr

Flag of USSR

You must upgrade Jump, Kick and Speed to 50%. Russia transforms into USSR and Italy into Roman Empire for 5 days.
6. Easy and hard day
Pluto Arcade


You must reach SS rank two times.

Pluto's Unlock requirement changed: Win only 5 achievements against him instead of all 9.

Week 8Edit

Day Photo Challenge Reward
1. Fighter's day


You must beat Indonesia 10 times with Georgia without using kick. Hong Kong's Speed and Power +1.
2. Gun's day


Win 5 achievements against Ecuador using Ukraine and 5 achievements against Ukraine using Ecuador. 25% off on Belgium's


3. Superheroes' day


Win the Major League with United Kingdom, Portugal, Nepal and Serbia 3 times each. Mon-K's price changed: $1.99 instead of $4.99
4.Crazy day
Brazil VS Greece 2

Switched controls

All your controls will be changed. If you press left, you move right and vice versa, if you press kick, you jump and vice versa. You must win 3 Head Cups. Double reward in Arcade for 3 days.
5. Hong Kong's day
Character52 1

Hong Kong

You must earn 500 000 points using Hong Kong in one day. Wolf costume.
6. Sky day


The stadium's ground is made out of clouds today and you can't jump. You must win the Major League 2 times. Survival +1.

Week 9 Edit

Day Photo Challenge Reward
1. Sudden deaths' day
Screenshot 2015-09-21-10-34-42 1

Sudden death king

Win 10 Sudden deaths. Double reward every time you decide the match in a Sudden death for the next week.
2. Flawless day
Screenshot 2015-09-21-10-21-21 1

No goals conceded

Reach Stage 25 in Survival without conceding a single goal. You can unlock Greece now by conceding 20 goals or less instead of 5 goals or less.
3. 9-2's day
Screenshot 2015-09-21-10-23-36 1


Win 5 games with the exact result 9-2. Speed +1.
4. Group stage domination day
Screenshot 2015-09-21-10-51-03 1

Group stage domination

Become first in the Head Cup group stage and make sure all your opponents have a negative goal difference. Double reward in the Head Cup for the next 3 days.
5. Defense day
Screenshot 2015-09-21-10-38-32 1

Defend like a wall

Win 15 matches without conceding a goal. You can play with characters in Arcade mode you haven't unlocked yet for the next 3 days.
6. Minimalist's day
Screenshot 2015-09-21-10-30-00 1

Milimalist result

Win a League with scoring 40 goals or less. The No goals conceded achievement against every character in Arcade mode.

Week 10 Edit

Day Photo Challenge Reward
1. Japan's day


Counter Japan's shot at least once today. Super Saiyan.
2. Invincible's day
Screenshot 2015-09-21-10-43-49 1

The invincibles

Beat every character in the game at least once today. Dragon mask.
3. F rank's day
Screenshot 2015-09-26-08-58-28 1

Stage 5

Make sure that you have reached at least Stage 5 with every character in the game. 5 Bonus balls instead of 3 if you win a Stage quickly.
4. Sword's day
Screenshot 2015-10-09-19-56-01 1

Knock out!

Hit your opponent 20 times with Hungary's sword. When you play as Hungary, he will have two swords instead of one.
5. Protection day
Screenshot 2015-10-09-19-59-34 1

Protect yourself!

You must win the Minor League without getting injured more than 10 times. The Without injury achievement against 5 characters, which you can select.
6. Costume's day
Screenshot 2015-10-09-20-01-00 1

SS rank costumes

Win the Head Cup without knocking off any costume. Magnet costume.

Week 11Edit

Day Photo Challenge Reward
1. Animal's day


Win against 5 characters in a Sudden death using only the characters Brazil, Chile and/or China. Devil and Romania for 5 000 000 points both.
2. Ice spike shot's day
Poland Shot

Ice Spike Shot

Knock off 15 SS rank costumes by hitting your opponent with the Ice Spike Shot. You can counter the Ice Spike Shot automatically in Arcade mode for 5 days.
3. Shuriken's day
10292202 462450067222924 4054376496592106842 n


Score 25 goals using Singapore's air shot in the Head Cup. 50% off on the Shuriken Cannon.
4. Volcano day

Cotopaxi volcano

In the background you see the Cotopaxi volcano instead of the spectators, and it fires lava balls every 7 seconds, which can burn you down to ashes. Beat China 10 times. 40% off on Georgia's costume.
5. Starter's day
Head cup

Head Cup

Win 5 Head Cups. 60 000 points.
6. India's day


Earn 500 000 points using India in one day. India's costume for 250 000 points.

Week 12Edit

Day Photo Challenge Reward
1. Rocket's day
Costume 52 1

Indonesia's costume

Dodge 50 rockets from Indonesia's costume. Indonesia's power shot included in Kepler 22B.
2. Timeless day
Metric clock

There's almost no time left

Win against 15 characters in Arcade mode by scoring 5 goalsvin the first 32 seconds, and no more goals. Only 8 matches per rank in Survival.
3. Deluge of goals' day


Win the Amateur League with conceding more than 100 goals. Concede 4 goals or less to unlock Uruguay in Head Cup instead of 3.
4. Violent day


Win against 10 characters hurting them 12 times each using Russia. The Without injury achievement against 10 random characters.
5. Sandwich day
Descarga (4)


There will appear 15 sandwiches in different matches. You must eat all of them by pressing the kick button while standing on them. 15 Power Sandwiches.
6. Air day
Descarga (5)


You must win against 10 characters without allowing the ball to touch the ground more than 10 times. Aeroskate costume.

Week 13Edit

Day Photo Challenge Reward
1. Oil barrel's day
Kozzi-oil barrel-325x398

Oil barrel

You must make your opponents explode 30 times with an oil barrel explosion. Oil costume.
2. A rank's day

An "A"

Reach A rank with 25 counter attacks. Your opponents wear SS rank costumes instead of A rank for a whole week.
3. Electricity day
Lightning vs Thunder

Lightning vs thunder

Win all achievements against Cameroon, New Zealand and Czech Republic. Your opponents can wear Thailand's costume in D rank.
4. Upgrade day


You must upgrade Survival to the maximum. All stats of all costumes +1 for one whole week.
5. Viking's day


Beat Sweden with 5 counter attacks with 10 different characters. A Viking hat.
6. Beam's day


Hurt your opponent with South Africa's and/or Serbia's laser beam 100 times. 50 000 points.

Week 14Edit

Day Photo Challenge Reward
1. Fire vs ice day
Fire vs Ice

Fire vs ice

Beat India, Thailand and Brazil with Russia and/or Poland in the Tournament 5 times. Fire and Ice Cannon.
2. Fire ball day


You must win the Head Cup 10 times using Brazil in one day. If you play as Brazil, he has India's power button effect.
3. Rocky day


Hit your opponent with a rock from Thailand's and/or Austria's power shots 50 times. The rocks in Thailand's and Austria's power shots knock the opponent out twice as long as usual.
4. Golem's day


Counter South Africa's shots and score out of them 20 times, without using South Africa yourself. 200 000 points.
5. Jumper day
1620754 410206212447310 1424504117 n

Devil jumps to counter South Africa's power shot

Stand on top of Z's head for 100 seconds in total. Z's costume.
6 Black hole's day
Netherlandish Shot

Black Hole Shot

You must get hit and disappeared by Netherlands's Black Hole Shot 5 times per match in 10 Arcade matches. Jump +1.

Week 15 Edit

Day Photo Challenge Reward

Aggressiveness day

Screenshot 2015-10-03-14-25-47 1

Boxing gloves

Knock your opponents out 100 times today. You can't get knocked out for 3 days.
2. Impaired day
Screenshot 2015-10-03-14-30-13 1


Reach Stage 40 in Survival without using kick, dash and power shot. After you have reached Stage 100, every goal you score counts as 2 for 3 days.
3. Humiliation day
Screenshot 2015-10-03-14-35-07 1


Win 10 games with a goal difference of 15 or more. You start every game in Arcade with being in front with 1-0 for 3 days.
4. Power shot day
Screenshot 2015-10-03-14-55-06 1

Power shot!

Win the Tournament with only scoring goals out of your power shot (and counter attack). Your power shot charges twice as fast

for one day.

5. Knight's day
Screenshot 2015-10-03-14-36-49 1

Strong knight

Pick up your sword 30 times with Hungary today. For 3 days, Hungary's sword has the ability for you to make your opponent disappear for 3 seconds.
6. Flies' day
Screenshot 2015-10-04-11-25-58 1

Stupid fly!

Kill the fly from Czech Republic's costume 15 times today. If you wear the Fly costume the next 3 days, the fly is able to shoot a laser which burns your opponent down to ashes.

Week 16Edit

Day Photo Challenge Reward

1. Day campaingn against racism.


No to racism!

Beat all African characters with 5 European characters each one without hurting your opponent. China.
2. Sparta's day
Grecian Shot

Sparta attack

Make your opponent disappear using the Sparta Shot 32 times. Greece throws a sword each 5 seconds which knocks out your opponent.
3. Minimum difference's day
Numero-2 (1)


Numero-1-adhesivo-75mm-negro (2)


Win the Amateur League with scoring less than 20 goals. Survival +1.
4. Chain dodger's day
Screenshot 2015-12-24-10-55-04 1

OUCH! That's gotta hurt!

Dodge all of Indonesia's chains in the whole match 5 times. 20% off on Austria's costume.
5. Switzerland's birthday
Descarga (11)

Happy birthday Switzerland

Win against characters with the following costumes: Costume 19, Costume 29, Costume 46 and the Dragon mask, which are the "birthday party costumes" today. Detergent costume
6. Military day Accomplish 5 achievements against Ecuador using Uruguay and 5 achievements against Uruguay with Ecuador. Costume 43, the Military hat.

Week 17 Edit

Day Photo Challenge Reward
1. Giant ball's day
Screenshot 2015-10-07-09-33-42 1 1

Giant ball

The whole day, the ball will have the same size and weight as Italy's giant ball in every match in Head Cup. Win 3 Head Cups this day. For 3 days, Italy's shot is uncounterable for your opponents.
2. Snowman's day
Screenshot 2015-12-15-09-34-47 1

A snowy battle

Score 25 goals while your opponent is a snowman (due to Switerland's ground shot or one of Canada's power shots). For 3 days, time will freeze for 2 seconds every 10 seconds, giving you more time.
3. Rugby day
Screenshot 2015-12-15-09-36-15 1

Two goals in one?!

Score 20 'goals' with New Zealand's rugby ball. For one whole week, you can also score goals with New Zealand's rugby ball, but your opponent can too.
4. Reward X2 Day
Screenshot 2015-12-15-20-57-36

2 Head Cups in 1

Win 5 Head Cups with Mon-K and get the Reward X2. For one day, you can get Reward X2 with all Characters.
5. Spider-Man Day
Screenshot 2015-12-16-13-42-57

Spider Man defeats Dr. Octopus

Let your opponent step in the Spider silk using the Spider Web Costume or Portugal 5 times in one match. For 3 days, the opponent will be tangled up by the Spider Silk for 10 seconds, every time he steps in it.
6. Plants Day
1424514 381074872027111 154383344 n

Too many plants!

Let your opponent get eaten by Luxembourg's Plants 20 times. For one whole week, Luxembourg has a plant on top of his head that shoots plant seeds at the opponent that will make him get unconscious very fast.

Week 18 Edit

Day Photo Challenge Reward
1. League domination day
Screenshot 2015-12-23-11-13-09 1

A one-team League

Win one of the Leagues with 100+ goals more than any of your opponents. For 3 days, you get double rewards in all the Leagues.
2. Photography day
Greece's Broken Piece 1

Greece's Camera

Take 20 screenshots while Ukraine has just finished her air shot and when she is set in the photography phase and touch the camera thet shows when Greece's spear or foot has touched the opponent 10 times with your character today. Ukraine or Greece (If you have Greece, Ukraine, If you have Ukraine, Greece, if you haven't got any, Random)
3. Angry Birds day


Hit Mon-K while he is in his angry power shot phase 20 times with the bird in Finland's ground power shot today. For next three days, Finland's power shots effects will be Reversed Controls.
4. Music day
Belgium Music Notes Damage
Touch the Metalla poster and play Belgium 10 times today. Belgium gets double reward in Head Cup for 3 days. If you haven't unlocked him, you get Belgium.
5. Ninja's day
Indonesia's Unlock Screen
Beat someone by ten goals or more with both Indonesia and Japan today. You have unlocked Senegal
6. Random Day
Random obstacle
Beat WaterMelBot in Stage 29 twice today. WaterMelBot