When you use a character for a long period of time, it will evolve. Evolution usually takes place in the middle of the match. Your character will become a big soccer ball and the soccer ball will pop, and the evolved character comes out. Evolved characters have different appearances and power button effects. The powershot of the character does not change though.

List of characters and all their evolved formsEdit

Character Photo Appearance Power button effect
South Korea Character01 Looks even more angry and hair is more spiky Now has a blue fire around him as compared to the usual yellow fire, and when the opponent touches it he is pushed into his own goal.
Cameroon Character02 Looks even more serious and his scar is longer Now has electricity surrounding him as compared to the usual yellow fire, and when the opponent touches it he gets the electricity power effect.
Nigeria Character03 Looks even more serious and his hair is more messy Now has winds surrounding him as compared to the usual yellow fire, and when the opponent touches it he is pushed into his goal.
USA Character04 Looks even more serious,his hair gets a bit bigger,and he also gets sunglasses (which can't be knocked off. The ball can punch the opponent into his own goal,making it harder to try to block it.Also,the invisibility effect lasts much longer.
Japan Character05 Looks very angry, his mouth are open, and has messy and a bit spiky hair. Now, around him will be circle that turns around and changes color randomly from green to blue,and at each 3 seconds, from circle will appear 5 small streaks like in his power shot and will start to spin around much faster and hurt opponent.
Russia Character06 His moustaches are longer and more messy,his eyes are now very angry. At every 4 seconds, he will take one big ice cube and thrown at opponent. If opponent touch it, he will be inside cube for 5 seconds.
Argentina Character07 He has eyebrow piercing on both eyebrows, his eyes are more open and his earring has spikes. First, a lot of fire will come from his body, and he will appear riding a small chinesse-like fire dragon, that shoots a fire ball at each 4 seconds. Fire ball turns opponent into ash.
Italy Character08 Much more serious, pink paint below eyes are gone and has angry mouth. Big ball will appear, and Italy will jump on it. He will role on ball, and sometimes Italy will throw another a bit smaller ball at opponent. If opponent touch it, he will be pushed in net.
Brazil Character09 He has big scar on left eye, and his smile is bigger and looks evil. Phoenix will appear from sky on him, and will float above him and at each 4 seconds attack opponent by turning him into ash and return back to Brazil.
Germany Character10 His scar is bigger and more bloody. When you click on power, his skin on face will disappear and skull will be visible. His skull has very sharp teeth, and purple smoke is coming out of his eyes. A lot of black-purple smoke will come from him, and his skull will be visible. At each 3 seconds, from his mouth will come one big dark purple ball that will go on opponent. If opponent touch it, he will dissapear for 3 seconds.
Spain Character11 Smaller mustaches, and more serious and angry look. One of lasers will shot him straight from sky.He will appear with yellow circle around him, and at each 4 seconds, he will shot one laser straight line. If opponent touch it, he will be pushed very hard in net.
France Character12 1 His hair is now very spiky, he is angrier, and if you kick his cigar, he will be even more angrier. Around him will be explosion, and ground will be smashed around him. If opponent is near explosion, he will be surrounded in electricity for 4 seconds. At each 3 seconds, he will take one big rock, and thrust it in ground like in his power shot. Rock will come from ground on place where opponent is, dealing him a lot of damage.
United Kingdom Character13 His mouth are now open and angry, like his eyes. His mustaches are also more messy. He will turn into orange circle, and he will explode. Circle will later gone, and UK will have one iron bow. At each 3 seconds he will take one arrow, and shot it. At right moment when he shot it, arrow will turn into laser like in his power shot. It is similar to Ecuador, but arrow of UK has bigger knockback.
Mexico Character14 He also has scars at his eyes,his beard is also red,his skin is blue(only in power costume) and he looks very serious. Black smoke will come out of him, and he will have shadow on his head that reminds of horns. His hands will be very big,and his nails are very big and sharp, and resembles claws. At each 5 seconds, he will try to take opponent with claws, and injure him a lot of.
Netherlands Character15 1 His eyes are very angry,and his mouth are open. A portal will appear above him, and from portal a lot of thing will come out. One of things will be a portal gun, and other things that come out,like lamp and mobile can hurt opponent. With portal gun, he will make a same portal that sends things at opponent at each 6 seconds.
Cyborg Character16 1 Bigger eyes,his head has scratches on some parts and his mouth looks like monitor. A box will fall from sky on pitch. From box Cyborg with a bazooka will appear. He will shot a rocket from bazooka at each 5 seconds,dealing opponent big damage and big knockback.
Kepler 22B Character17 Eyes glow green and leaves green trail behind,and mouth are angry. An UFO will appear above Kepler. UFO will follow wherever Kepler go,and at each 3 seconds will shot a laser at opponent.
Turkey Character18 Big scar on his left eye,and more serious look. Waterfall will appear in background. Water from waterfall will fall on Turkey. Turkey will get body like a surfer and at each 4 seconds will throw surfboard at opponent.
Portugal Character19 He will not have his mask,and his face is much angrier,with tooth visible. He will scream,and he will get better version of Spiderman's mask (same like in movie),and he will have normal body with Spiderman's clothes. At each 3 seconds,he will shot webs at opponent from both of his hands,and opponent will he covered in web for 4 seconds.
Devil Character20 1 He will full time look like in his power costume,but will look scarier,with sharp teeth,and bigger wings. Bats will be everywhere around him,and he will then have even bigger wings. At each 3 seconds,he will use wings to fly very fast to opponent and bite him,and he will die for 4 seconds.
Canada Character21 All time he'll look with a costume as if he was santa. His hair will be bigger. It snows just where he is. He can throw snowballs to the opponent every 3 seconds. It freezes him as in the Ice Cannon
Chile Character22 He has more face paint all around. His hair (the back part) can trap his opponent and get him behind Chile, every 3 seconds.

Trivia Edit

  • Portal gun from Netherlands power effect resembles a Portal gun from game Portal 2.