Goalscore Tounament is a game mode idea for Head Soccer.


It basically looks like a Tournament. But, it has no time limit or sudden death. The first character to score specified much goals (10, for example) will win. Before you choose your character, a menu with game settings will appear, and you'll have to choose some settings to however you want to. The final reward is 30,000 points.

Game SettingsEdit

Goals: (How many goals you need to score in order to win)Edit


Stages: (How many stages you want)Edit


Character Regions: (From which continent you want your opponent comes from)Edit

(North America/South America/Africa/Europe/Asia/Oceania/All Regions)Edit

Costume Ranks: (Which costumes ranks are allowed)Edit

(F/E/D/C/B/A/S/SS/All Ranks/Not Allowed)Edit

Soccer Ball: (Type of The soccer ball)Edit

(Ordinary Ball/D&D Dream Logo Ball/Gold Ball/Red Stripes Ball/Magma Rock Ball)Edit

Time: (Time on the Stadium)Edit

(Morning, Noon, Evening/All on different stages)Edit

Note: If you choose the North America region, you'll only be allowed to have 3 stages because North America has only 3 characters. The same goes for Oceania, only 2 Stages because Oceania has only 2 characters.