Head shop is the shop where you can change the color of your shoes, the color of your character's hair, or the color of your character's costume.

Character shoesEdit

Character shoes are one of the things you can change here, different shoes give your character more personality, like boots, flip-flops and even soccer cleats. Shoes can be bought from the store from about 1000 points.

Character hairEdit

Tired of your character's hair color? You can change it at the head shop, with color changes costing at 50 points, with colors such as gold, blue or silver. Different character hairstyles are also available starting from at least 1000 points . And don't worry, your character can come back to normal by pressing the reset button in the head shop, and you can re-equip his/her hairstyle anytime.

Costume colorEdit

Bored of the same old costume you wear every day? Don't worry, color changes in costumes are priced at only 10 points each! Like hair colors, they can be reset.

Other accessoriesEdit

Thinking your character needs to be more interesting? Then buy accessories from the head shop! Priced from at least 100 points, these include sunglasses, bags, badges, and much more! Accessories don't do anything in the match, only livens up your character. There is an option in the head store to wear and take of the accessories you have purchased.

Jerseys and ShirtsEdit

Thinking all your characters are boring just because of the same clothes that they wear? Then buy some jerseys or shirts from the head shop! Jerseys are basically clothes with the flags of the countries on them, and each one costs 10,000 points. The head shop also sells shirts, such as hoodies and T-Shirts with your character's face on it. Different types of shirts cost different points, starting from 8000 points up.

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