Head Trophy is created by FranceSwitzerland. It will look like a Tournament, but it will have 73 places. That means that all the characters play in the Head Trophy. The places will be totally random. Then, you will hav to play against all the characters like a for a real trophy. When it is a draw on the end of the match it will be extra time. When the score is again a draw, you play penalties. The opponent will go for his goal and you must score with your Power Shot. When your opponent have hold it or he doesn't have hold it, its your opponent's turn. And so you go further, further, further to the final. When you have won the Head Trophy, you will get the Trophy. When there comes a next update, the new characters will set in the Head Trophy. When it doesn't fits well, one character is lucky and has to play one match less than the other characters.


1st place = 50.000 points

2nd place = 30.000 points

3rd place = 20.000 points

5th place = 10.000 points

7th place = 5.000 points

9th place = 1.000 points (100 points less in every round before)

Second round = 200 points

First round = 100 points