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Training mode is a general idea created by Aca soccer. It is a new game mode for Head Soccer. Training mode is mostly used for 2 things: upgrading your characters and testing new characters without unlocking them. When you enter Training mode, it will look the same as the Arcade, but all characters,even those you need to pay for real money, and opponents will be unlocked. You also don't need to pay for a match with Asura or Pluto, but of course you cannot unlock them in this mode. All the characters you have unlocked for other modes will have a green circle around them where you choose character to play, and all the characters you didn´t unlock will have a red circle,but you can use them in training mode. First main thing about this mode is that, when an update is out, you can use the new characters here so you can test them, without using a glitch on other modes, but you will not get any points for playing. Second main thing about this mode is upgrading characters. You can upgrade: kick, dash, jump and power. When you start a match with characters that have a green circle (those you have unlocked), you will get a pop-up where you choose what special game will you play. To unlock this mode you need to defeat Wooden Dummy character 3 times in 3 different game modes or unlock now for 1 000 000 points.

Wooden Dummy Edit

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The Wooden Dummy looks like a normal character, but only has a head and is created of wood. He also has nose created of wood. Instead eyes he has wooden buttons, and does not have hair,mouth and nostrils. He is always on same place (where characters are in beginning of match)and his head is stuck on a big stick. His power also charges very fast, and when is full-power, he will get same effect like South Korea. When ball touch him, he will get random power of any character in game except Air shots. When he gets enough damage, his forepart of face will fall down, and a metal endoskeleton skull will appear instead of face. Then he will be able to jump, but not move, and will also be able to counter your power and uses Air shots of all characters. He never wears a costume, and he can be very hard to defeat, but because he is unable to move makes his less hard.

Finding a Wooden Dummy Edit

Unlock Requirements of game mode is defeating The Wooden Dummy 3 times in 3 different game modes. He can appear in any game mode except Training mode. When you play a match in, for example, League, he can be any of the characters, because he don't have his own flag, so he can appear instead normal opponent in any match. It is same rule for every game mode, even in Arcade, cause you will not known you are playing a match with Wooden Dummy until you see him in match. He can appear: 2,5% in Arcade, 3% in Tournament, 8,5% in League, 1% in Survival and 5% in Head Cup. Also all 3 Leagues counts only as one same game mode, so defeating Wooden Dummy one time in Amateur League, one time in Minor League and one time in Major League will not open Training mode, and will count only as one time defeated.

Upgrading stats Edit

Upgrading stats is second main thing about training mode. It can not be played by characters you did not unlock. Characters you did unlock will get a pop-up when you star a match. In pop-up you choose do you want to play:kick,dash,jump,power or only normal game,but they are not all unlocked except normal game. To unlock each of those, you need first to get it fully upgraded as normal stats,for example to unlock kick game, you need to have kick stat fully upgraded. In these games you can upgrade stats to bonus,and if you upgrade it full, you get an extra for each of them. Also each of games in training mode must be updated for each character, which mean you can not upgrade to extra bonus it once and have bonus for all characters, but upgrading it using each of characters. When you have it unlocked, you just click what game you want to play. For example if you click kick game, in that game you need to use only kick in match to upgrade it.

Kick game Edit

When you choose kick in pop-up, you will play a kick game. There you need to use only kick and score goals only using kick, without help of dash, jump and power. Kick have a total of 5 levels. You can get kick level up to 4th after every 25th goal scored with kick. After first level up, you get faster kick, after unlocking second level, your kick deals more damage, for third you again get even more faster kick, for fourth a even stronger kick. For 5th, also known as extra level, you get a special addition for kick, but extra level is also unlocked harder. To unlock extra level,you need to be 4th level and then score 50 more goals and pay 50 000 to unlock it. Kick will then be completed in pop-up when you start with character that is one extra level for kick, and you get an addition that is in every game mode. When you double tap kick and you are near opponent, you will kick him with your hand, and that is very fast and deals a lot of damage, and can take off costume of your opponent in one hit.

Jump game Edit

When you click Jump in pop-up, you will play Jump game. It is same like Kick game, and you need to score goals most by using jump. Like kick, you can get level up jump after every 25 goals scored. Jump will be a little big higher after each level. It also have extra 5th level. When you get 4th level, and you score 50 goals more and pay 50 000, you will unlock 5th extra level. When you are using character that has updated jump to extra in any mode, when you click jump 2 times, you can do a double jump. It is not so much effective as kick extra level, but can be good for using in begging of the mach to easy kick ball in goal or use it to touch ball to use your power shot.

Dash game Edit

To play Dash game, you need to choose dash in pop-up. Like all others, there you need to score goals only using dash and update it to level 4, and later unlock extra level. After each 25 scored goals, you get a level up, and when you came to level 4, you need to score 50 goals more and pay 50 000 for extra level. When you use character that has dash updated to extra level in any game mode, you can click left or right 3 times very fast and you can go 2× faster than normal dash. It can be very effective some times when you need to hurry up scoring a goal, and if you use it near opponent and you touch him when using extra dash, you can push him in goal. It will not harm him, only push him.

Power game Edit

Power game is same with others where you need to upgrade it to 5 levels to get extra, but this is not for charging power faster. Power game is for upgrading your power shot, and characters with 1 power will have max of 5 levels, but characters with more will have 10, first 5 for ground/not damaged shot and other 5 for air/damaged shot. Characters with bad power (for example Colombia, USA, South Korea) will get better power shot when you upgrade to max, and those with good shot (for example India, Ecuador, UK), will get a smaller upgrade, but will still be even better than before.

South Korea: South Korea will get a bigger update which is harder to counter and have more chance to score a goal. At first second, 5 blue auras will move around him and he will then fire them. First and second blue auras will only harm opponent, third can score goal but can not be countered if you kick this one. Fourth will also only harm opponent, and last one will have ball that can score goal and you can counter if you kick this one, not third. This is all done very fast, and this power is similar to power of Ireland.

Cameroon: this one also get big buff. When ball is in front of Cameroon, 4 lightning bolts will shoot it instead only 2. When he shot ball, 4 lightning bolts will still be connected with ball, so opponent must be very careful if he wants to counter, because if he touches the bolt it will make him unable to move. Ball is also very faster. Place of bolts is random.

Nigeria: Nigeria will get biggest buff of first 5, or maybe even 10 characters. When he get ball, 2 very big tornadoes will appear on field, usually next to opponent. Before they appear, 2 small winds will appear on place where tornadoes will be created. If opponent don't escape of tornadoes he will be pushed hard in air and later pushed back, but it will be to late because Nigeria will fire ball when opponent is in air. If opponent is not pushed in air, he can easy counter power of Nigeria, because, except tornadoes power is same. If not, he will only get bigger damage, but will be pushed in air same like before. This update will make Nigeria's power similair, maybe even better then New Zealand.

USA: USA is not a good character, so his buff will be big. In his power he will now shot 10 balls. Every of them will look same, and they will all go zig zag. There will be 5 in air and 5 a bit lower. Opponent must be careful, because balls are really fast and any of them can easy get in goal and USA will score. If opponent block all balls, there will be only one left, and will be invisible for opponent for 7 seconds.

Japan: when Japan rises in air, and 5 streaks appears, they will all be blue when Japan shot them in goal, instead one with ball is green in normal power shot. 3 of 5 streaks can score goal, and they usually goes in this order: one that is used to harm opponent, one that can score goal, again one that only harms and then last 2 are used to score. If opponent kick last one he can counter power, and streaks deals a very high damage.

Russia: He will shot 3 balls instead 1. They will all go one next to other, and if the opponent touches one of them, and do not counter, all 3 balls will go into him, and he will be frozen. Then, Russia will shot one more ball and it will be 100% goal. If opponent does not toutch one of first 3 balls, and do not counter them, it will also be goal. This power is good, because is 100% goal if opponent does not counter it, but is also not very hard to counter, which is bad side of this power.

Argentina: When big dragon appears, he will this time show his head, mouth and eyes near Argentina's goal, and before going into opponent's goal, he will shot 3 fire balls. They are very bouncy, and if opponent touches them, he will be turned into ash. After dragon shot 3 fire balls, he will then fly into goal. This update makes power harder to hold, because you must avoid all fire balls, and jump at right time to stop dragon from scoring a goal.

Italy: when big ball appears and start to roll in place (before he shot it in goal), a lot of rocks will come from the ground and will go into opponent. Rocks can make him unconscious and he will be pushed in goal. Then, Italy will shot ball into goal. This makes Italy a lot of better, because opponent must kick most of the rocks so they don't push him back.

Brazil: this update is very similar to Argentina. When Phoenix appears, he will start blowing fire at opponent. Fire can not turn him into ash, but can push him in goal and change controls. If phoenix touches the opponent, he will explode and opponent will be turned into ash.

Germany: Germany is good character, so his power isn't much upgraded. He will shot 5 shadow balls instead 3, and they all go very fast. If any of balls gets in goal, he will score. If Germany uses this shot near his goal,or balls travel more than half field, they will all connect into one shadow ball that will go into goal. If opponent don't counter it, shadow ball will devour him, and it will be goal. This is something like "ground shot" of Germany, but is used in air, and if activated only if balls reach more then half of field.

Spain: Spain will rise in the air, and yellow circle will appear around him. Then, yellow circle will spin very fast and will become smaller and smaller. When circle touches Spain, everything will become very dark. After one second, Spain will release yellow circle and he will explode and a lot of lasers will come from Spain. Every laser will shot in one part of the field. There is around 8 lasers, and if any of them gets into goal, Spain will score. This power is very hard to block, and it can't make own goal if any of lasers come into Spain's goal (and sure they will come, but goal can be scored only if opponent block it and roll into goal).

France: France will shot ball in ground same like before. But when ball is inside ground, stone spikes will rise from ground how ball travels. Spikes appear in similar way like Poland's spikes. If opponent touches any of spikes, he will be unconscious for 3 seconds.

United Kingdom: When he shot all of red arrows, he will shot 3 of them directly on the opponent. They will only harm opponent and push him into goal. Then, power will be normal like before. This shot isn't very updated, but 3 arrows will help for main arrow to get to goal. If opponent is not careful, when 3 new arrows push him into goal, he will not have any time to defend himself from others because they will already start shooting him when he is pushed. New addition is that he can also get unconscious if for than 5 arrows punch him.

Mexico: he will shot bigger hand that don't carry ball. Hand will catch him and shake him. Later, hand will shot him in ground and will stay there for 3 seconds. Then, Mexico will shot another one into goal. Opponent must kick first hand in order to counter it.

Netherlands: when he shot portal, 3 lightnings will go from center of portal. If opponent touches any of them he will be teleported. Opponent must be very careful and escape of all lightnings. Lightnings go in random way. This makes Netherlands much better character.

Cyborg: He is first character that has total of 10 levels. When you update to 5, his normal shot is updated, and if you update to 10, it is for his second shot. When he jump in the air, he will stay there. Then, robot fist will be released. Before he shot robot fist,Cyborg himself will shot 3 rockets from him on opponent. Rockets will only harm him very much and push him in goal, so he can not counter robot fist. This makes Cyborg's first shot like a weaker version of Ecuador, because opponent must defend himself from rockets and then kick fist. In his second shot, 2 instead only one ball will be red. First one and one in middle or last one. If opponent kick first red ball, he will not counter it because he must kick second one, but first can still score a goal.

Kepler 22B: he is special character, and only one in game where you must update to level 17. Level one will update South Korea shot (if he used it in match), second for Cameroon,and so until level 16 what will update first Cyborg shot and level 17 that will add him Cyborg's second updated shot.

Turkey: big wave will appear in background. Wave will cover whole pitch with water. Then, from side of Turkey's goal, a lot of water bubbles will go straight in opponent's goal. There will be 5 bubbles. Ball will be random in any of them. If opponent toutch bubble that doesn't have ball, he will appear inside bubble and he will take him out of pitch, and he will be gone for 3 seconds. If opponent touches bubble with ball and do not counter it, the same thing will happen, the ball will bounce of opponent and water will disappear.

Portugal: he will swing in air same like before, but 3 times. Each time he swing, he will shot 3 webs at opponent (which mean total of 9 webs). Ball will appear random instead any of webs. Ball can be instead a web in first swing, but also in second and third time Portugal swing. If the opponent touches any of the normal webs, he will be trapped in web for 3 seconds, and if he touches real ball, and do not counter it, he will get same effect like in normal power. Ball will not bounce of opponent, instead that, Portugal will catch ball with web, return to normal place on field where everyone is when match start, and will place ball in the middle of field. Portugal will then have big chance to roll ball in goal, because opponent is in air trapped inside web.

Devil: a lot of bats will come from the sky to opponent. Opponent must escape of all the bats, because they can hurt him very much. Also, after bats, Devil will shot few shadows and opponent. If opponent touches shadows, his controls will be changed for 3 seconds, and then Devil will shot last shadow that has the ball. If opponent don't counter it, shadow will devour him and he will gone for 3 seconds. Ball will only appear in middle of field.

Canada: he will shot 3 snowballs at opponent. They don't carry ball. Opponent must not touch any of them, because if he does, he will be turned into snowman for 5 seconds. After that, big snowy wind will come from side of Canada's goal. In snowy wind, there will be around 5 snowballs and ball will appear instead any of them random. If opponent touches the snowball, he will get harmed, but if he touch ball and do not counter it, be will be trapped under snow for 5 seconds. Canada will have big chance to score goal when opponent is under snow.

Chile: when snake first time appears, it will not rise in air and go in goal. Instead, snake will first roar at opponent, and from snake's mouth, other small black snakes will come,and other a bit bigger snakes. Small snakes will go on opponent and can only hurt him, but bigger ones can catch opponent and be wrapped around them. Opponent must avoid all big snakes, because it is impossibile to avoid all small snakes. After main snake stop roar, he will rise in air go in goal.

Poland: ice spiker will extend from ground same like before, but spikes are much smaller, and do not only appear in background. They can hurt opponent and when he toutch it, he will be turned into ice cube and will be pushed in air. After that, he will fall on spikes again, and spikes will be thrusted into ice cube and opponent will stay trapped in ice cube and can not move or jump for 3 seconds. Poland will then fire ball into goal in same way as Canada old power. Only way to stop this power is to jump at right time to counter ball. This power can be very tricky because if you jump before right time, Poland will not fire ball and you will fall on spikes.

Asura: one of main changes is that he will NOT return to his goal every time he uses power shot. He will stay on place where he used power shot, and he will then shot 2 hands 4 times. First and third pair of hands will not carry ball, and they are used only to harm opponent and push him in net. Second and fourth pair carry the ball. One of 2 hands will have ball, and other is used to trick opponent. Second pair can score goal, but opponent can only block it, not counter. Last pair that also have ball can be countered. If opponent toutch ball, and do not counter it, one big hand will appear from air and catch opponent. Hand will shake him 4 seconds, and ball will only appear in middle of field.

Egypt: head will appear like before, but will be higher in air. Then, head will also get 2 fists. Head will then come closer to opponent, and then try to punch him with fists. Head have only 1 try to punch opponent with each of fists, which means total of 2. Head will shot one fist at opponent, and if fist misses, it will stay on ground, explode and turn into normal sand that will dissapear in 2 seconds. If fist shots opponent, he will be turned into dune with face, and he will be unable to move for 5 seconds. After that, head will fire second fist. Second one carry the ball. Target of second fist isn't opponent, but goal. If fist gets in goal, it is goal for Egypt. Only way to stop this shot is to avoid first fist, and then block or counter second one. If opponent toutch fist with ball, he will again be turned into dune.

Valentine: He will again like before shot his candies. But, they will go zig-zag and very fast. There are 2 types of candies, one yellow and one red. If opponent touch yellow, he will be pushed in net. There are lesser of red candies. If opponent touch red one, he will be turned in jack-o-box for 4 seconds. After that, Valentine will shot one big green candy in goal.

Super Saiyan: His power shot will be much upgraded. Before he creates spirit bomb (bomb in his normal shot), he will shot kamehameha at opponent (a big blast that looks similair to Georgia's counter attack). Opponent will be pushed in net, and will become unconscious. After that, he will rise in air and create spirit bomb that is much bigger then normal one. He will then raise his hands at opponent's goal, and spirit bomb will go there. It will be 80% goal, because it will be much harder to counter.

Ireland: His power is already pretty good, so only change is higher knockback and opponent drops more coins (each coin is 20 points). Also,just for decoration,balls will looks like lasers with many colors that left colorful trail behind them that disappears later.

China: On his air shot,only that is changed is that there are more monkeys that can score. Total of 10 monkeys will appear,3 of them can score,but only one has real ball that opponent must kick if he wants to counter. Opponent must only defend from others that has fake ball that can score. His ground shot is also better,cause Buddhist statue will fire red lasers from eyes before shot ball so it can turn opponent in ash if he touch it.

Greece: Some of javelins that are fired on opponent are on fire. If opponent touch them,he will be turned into ash. Out of 15 total javelins,4 are on fire. After javelins,Greece will shot his foot. If foot touch opponent,ball will stay on that place so Greece can just roll it into goal.

New Zealand: Cause his power shot is already pretty good,only difference is that there will be (guess) 3 lightning bolts. Also,bolt that New Zealand shot will go faster.

Sweden:his main change is that ball can't go through ship. Second change is that ball can be completely random,and there will be more cannon balls to trick opponent.

Z: zombie will always before shot his tongue raise his muscled arm. He will 2 times try to punch opponent,and if he do it, opponent will be smashed for 3 seconds,more then enough for zombie to score goal with tongue.

Israel:in his air shot,before he shot his cross,2 big wooden crosses will fall from sky.They will thrust in ground when they touch it. If they fall on character,he will get thrusted in ground and be trapped inside for 5 seconds. After that,he will shot his cross in goal. Same will happend if opponent block it,but will be on cross 2 sec longer. In his terrible ground shot,he will first get his hammer,rise it into air,and 2 lightning bolts like in New Zealand's shot will try to struck opponent. After bolts,Israel will fly in air and shot his hammer into goal in same way like Thailand's smaller meteor go in goal in ground shot. When hammet touch ground,there will be big explosion.

Australia:in his air shot,he will get his staff,teleport to opponent and kick him few times with staff. Opponent will get unconcious for 3 seconds. After that,Australia will again teleport to top of screen and shot 2 green balls to opponent trying to harm him even more. After that,he will shot his red laser,and same thing happend if opponent touch it. In ground shot,he will teleport to center of field and smash his staff off ground,and ground from place where he is to somewhere near goal will dissapear. After that,Australia will again shot his green ball to make opponent unconcious,and after that his red laser. This shot is hard to block,because opponent can easy fall in pit,and it is hard to avoid green laser.

Denmark:his biggest problem is that ball can go through him. Well,now ball will just jump off his body if it touch it in power shot. Second change is that there will be 3 red rockets that can score a goal. There will also be yellow rockets,that will be first fired in power shot. When opponent touch yellow rockets,they will explode.

Luxembourg:great character,smaller upgrade. Plant will,before it shot balls,try to eat opponent by coming near him and trying to devour him once. It is not so hard to escape plant from devouring him,but also plant will after that try,shot 3 balls that can score goal like before,but much faster.

Colombia:bad character, very very big update. First, there will come 3 people from the air doing bungee jumping and trying to take you away. If they do, it is 100% goal for Colombia. After that, there will come the mob but people will now jump, and if they stomp on the character, he will be buried in the ground, making it harder to stop the shot. The guy that has the ball will come at the end. Also, the effect of his ground and air shot will be reversed. The effects are the same.

Romania:Big bat flies to goal,and bites opponent. After he bites him (it is not possible to escape from bat),opponent's skin will be white,his eyes will be red,and he will have red eyes (which means he has became vampire). Opponent's power bar will stop charging until Romania's power shot is finished,and his jump will be lower. Romania will then came with 2 more female vampires and they will jump at opponent,trying to kill him (reference to Van Helsing). If opponent is hit by female vampires,he will die and Romania will score goal 100%. If opponent escapes from them,Romania will turn into small bad and fly to goal,same like in his normal power shot. In his ground shot,he will rise his arm,and knifes will fly at opponent,pushing him to your goal. After a lot of knifes,Romania will fast fly to goal,and he has ball. Effect will be same,but opponent will be trapped in coffin 2 seconds longer.

More info coming soon!