World Championship League is a game mode idea for Head Soccer.


It is a short game mode split into 4 different regions (like League): Europe, Africa, Asia, South America. North America and Oceania do not make an appearance, because they don't have enough countries.They will if there are going to be more countries from those continents. Russia however makes an appearance in both Europe and Asia Leagues. The countries are all sorted differently depending on the region and Power Shot skills.The player starts from the lowest so he has to advance to the final opponent (on the 1st place).The opponent on the 1st place is always sorted by the best one in that region. When the player beats all the opponents, he will win and he will get a trophy and as a reward he will also get 40.000 points. When beaten, every character will have his own reward amount. Sometimes, the opponents wears E, A, S or SS Rank costumes. If the player's character is from the same region that he will be playing against, he will appear on the same place that he is sorted in that League (for example, if you go as The Netherlands ,you will start on 9th place). If that happens, the player will still need to play against the opponents before him, but once he defeats the opponent he is the 1st place.


There are 20 countries in the Europe League.Edit

1.Czech Republic (5.000 Points)

2.Luxembourg (1.000 Points)

3.Austria (550 Points)

4.Belgium (500 Points)

5.Hungary (400 Points)

6.Switzerland (300 Points)

7.Germany (200 Points)

8.Croatia (100 Points)

9.The Netherlands (90 Points)

10.Spain (85 Points)

11.United Kingdom (80 Points)

12.Ireland (75 Points)

13.Greece (70 Points)

14.Denmark (65 Points)

15.France (60 Points)

16.Russia  (50 Points)

17.Sweden (40 Points)

18.Portugal (30 Points)

19.Poland (20 Points)

20.Italy (10 Points)


There are 4 countries in the Africa League.Edit

1.The Republic of South Africa (1.000 Points)

2.Nigeria (500 Points)

3.Egypt (100 Points)

4.Cameroon (50 Points)


There are 12 countries and 3 Non-Countries in the Asia League.Total 15 characteres.Edit

1.Georgia (5.000 Points)

2.Nepal (1.000 Points)

3.India (550 Points)

4.Thailand (510 Points)

5.Asura (500 Points)

6.Saudi Arabia (150 Points)

7.Singapore (100 Points)

8.Super Saiyan (90 Points)

9.Pluto (80 Points)

10.Israel (70 Points)

11.China (60 Points)

12.Turkey (50 Points)

13.Russia (40 Points)

14.Japan (30 Points)

15.Devil (20 Points)

16.South Korea (10 Points)

South AmericaEdit

There are 6 countries in the South America League.Edit

1. Ecuador (1.000 Points)Edit

2. Colombia (500 Points)

3. Uruguay (500 Points)

4. Chile (150 Points)

5. Brazil (100 Points)

6. Argentina (50 Points)

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