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Welcome to Head Soccer Wiki!
We are currently editing over 1,938 articles, 83,046 pages, 8,541 files, and 42 active users.

Welcome to the Head Soccer Wiki, which is all about the game "Head Soccer" by D&D Dream, a soccer game for computer and mobile devices. Join this Wiki to learn MANY things you didn't know!
IMPORTANT: By editing or uploading on this Wiki, you indicate that you have read the Rules page and that you agree to abide by it. PLEASE NOTE: We are NOT D&D Dream! This Wiki is a fan community about Head Soccer and is in no way affiliated with, authorized or maintained by D&D Dream.

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Head Soccer

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Featured Article

Madagascar is a 5 star character and is currently the 67th character in the game, added in September in the 5.3 update. Madagascar's appearance and power shots bear reference to the newly released game, Head Basketball by DnD Dream. In terms of skill, Madagascar is a difficult character to master in terms of power shots, with only decent ones, but if used properly can make him a strong character. Madagascar is also the only character to have a video preview before his release, and is also the only character that cannot be unlocked through in-game means.

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