Welcome to the Head Soccer Wiki!!!Edit

Welcome to the Head Soccer Wiki! Here you'll find a lot of useful information, tips and tricks and many well known players. All this information is about the game Head Soccer for Android and iOS devices. You will find information about many different things of Head Soccer. If not, contact an admin or moderator. Please read our rules before editing. If you don't understand something or want to ask anything, use the forum on the wiki questions board.

About this wikiEdit

This wiki is more than two years old. However, it was left and abandoned by the creator a few days later. He later came back, but was a few weeks later already inactive again. On April 4 2015, FranceSwitzerland and Werner der Champ requested Admin rights, with success. Since this, the wiki became much better, because lots of spam was deleted. Other well known Head Soccer players came to the wiki and helped with creating. Later, this Wiki also gained many more pages and became a lot better as it was before! Please note that we are not D&D Dream. We are only long time players who want to share many things about this great game!

Pages that might be interestingEdit

Here's a list of interesting pages.

  1. Characters
  2. Game Modes
  3. Glitches
  4. Update History
  5. Updates
  6. Collages
  7. Mistakes
  8. Post your Ideas here
  9. Beginners Guide
  10. Costumes
  11. Ranks
  12. Power Shot Guide
  13. Historical events to the wiki
  14. Costumes Guide
  15. Polls