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General informations
Full name Hungary
Flag Hu-medflag
Character number 50
Stars 5
Power Shot(s) Monster Shot, Rotating Monster Shot and Jousting Shot
Unlock Requirements Win the Head Cup without using Jump or pay 4,900,000 Points
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Previous Character Uruguay
Next Character India

Hungary (Hungarian: Magyarország) is the 50th Character in Head Soccer and was added with India and Hong Kong in Update 3.2 in January 2015. He is a 5 Star Character in Arcade.

Appearance Edit

Hungary has grey hair with small blue eyes, a small nose, a small mouth and big ears. He also wears a red mask as a head piece. Hungary loses this when the player clicks on the Power Button or when he is kicked by the opponent. He looks like a knight in the Middle Ages.

Power Button Effect Edit

When Hungary's Power Button is activated, he will transform into a knight in silver armour. He smashes his Golden sword on the ground and there comes a current of Cameroon's Power Shot moving towards the opponent. Also, Hungary sometimes throws his sword at the opponent which makes him unconscious.

Power Shots Edit

Screen Shot 2016-01-16 at 10.19.58 AM

Monster Shot

Air Shot: Monster Shot Edit

Hungary's Power Shot in the air is called Monster Shot. If Hungary uses it there, he yells "monster, monster," and a monster with Hungary on it will come. The monster makes his belly big and pushes the air to his mouth. After that he opens his mouth and there comes a beam out of his mouth. Later, the ball comes. The opponent has to jump on the right time and counter it. You can also jump to the ball and then it will be almost every time an own goal. If the opponent touches the ball he will be a skeleton. Hungary then, jumps off the monster and can walk to the ball and score. This power shot lasts for around 3 or 4 seconds. In Fight Mode, this power shot can remove up to 30 hp of your opponent.

Screenshot 2015-10-24-14-06-52

Rotating Monster Shot

Ground Shot: Rotating Monster Shot Edit

Hungary's Power Shot on the ground is called Rotating Monster Shot. Hungary yells: "Summon!" A rotating monster with Hungary on it rotates to the opponent. When the opponent touches the monster he will be a skeleton for 5 seconds. The opponent has to jump and counter it on the right time, however this Power Shot can easily become an own goal, just like the Air Shot. You have to jump at the right moment and touch the monster. Then Hungary jumps off the Monster and can't stop the ball anymore. This Power Shot lasts for 2-3 seconds

Screenshot 2015-10-24-14-07-19

Jousting Shot

Counter Attack: Jousting Shot Edit

Hungary's Counter Attack is called Jousting Shot. Hungary rides on a gold-blue horse with a jousting lance and he charges towards the opponent, and if the opponent blocks it but does not counter it, he/she will disappear. Just like the Air Shot and Ground Shot, this Counter Attack can easily become an own goal. When Hungary jumps on the Horse, you have to wait on Hungary. Then he will charge to you. You have to jump on the right time and touch Hungary's Horse. The ball flies to Hungary's goal and he isn't able to stop the ball anymore. Hungary's Counter Attack lasts for 3 seconds.

Costume: Green Lasers Costume Edit

Costume 081

Hungary wears the Green Lasers Costume. After some seconds, three lasers come out of his costume, and when the opponent touches it, he will get electrocuted. This is an SS Rank costume and you can buy it for 2,200,000 Points after winning against Cyborg in Survival with this Costume.

Unlock Requirements Edit

To unlock Hungary, you must win the Head Cup without Jump or pay 4,900,000 Points for him. France or Thailand are more preferable as compared to other characters because they have a good ground shot. You could also use Nepal, because his robot will help get the balls at a normal height characters normaly can not reach. You can also use Spain because his Power Shot will raise you to the air and easily score goals.

History Edit

Version January 23, 2015
3.2 Added Hungary along with India and Hong Kong.

Tips Edit

  • It is not hard to make Hungary score against himself. You must jump to the monster and the ball comes after him causing him to score himself.
  • He is quite a good character to use in the Fight Mode. His power button effect covers almost the half of the field and it does a lot of damage. His air shot does some damage before the ball is released (The ball itself does a lot of damage too).


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