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General informations
Full name India
Flag Flag of India.svg
Character number 51
Stars 5
Power Shot(s) Fire Shot and Fireball Shot
Unlock Requirements Win the Amateur League without using Jump and Kick or pay 5,000,000 points
Icon Icon51-1-
Previous Character Hungary
Next Character Hong Kong

India (Hindi: Ganarājya) is the 51st Character in Head Soccer. He was added with Hungary and Hong Kong in January 2015 on Update 3.2. His air shot is considered one of the most effective in the game and he has moderate Unlock Requirements.


He has brown skin, earrings, white eyes, and a serious expression. He looks like Dhalsim from Street Fighter.

Power button effectEdit

When India's Power Button is activated, he will get fire around him and remove his Costume. If the opponent touches the fire, the controls will be changed (Like Brazil's and Thailand's air Power Shot). Also, India punches with his fist, that can damage the opponent, but only if he touches India's body. Otherwise, the arms just go through him without any harm.

Power ShotsEdit

Air Shot: Fireball ShotEdit

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Fireball Shot

India's Power Shot (in the air) is called Fireball Shot. It is one of the best power shots in the game. India rises into the air, and fires a large number of fireballs, making the opponent catch on fire (Walk Reversed) and backing him/her into his/her own goal. At the end of the fireballs is the ball, that makes the opponent turn to ashes and disappear. It is best used in the center of the pitch where the fireballs knock the opponent into the goal. This Power Shot lasts for around 3 seconds.

Ground Shot: Fire Hands ShotEdit

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Fire Hands Shot

When used on the ground India says "Kabul C'mon!" India stretches his arm, which contains the ball, into opponent's goal. If you get hit by it, India says "Yoga Fire!," pulls you near him, and burns you to ashes. But if you walk while you get hit by this shot (or if someone without special counterattack counters it) the ball will roll through your opponent, resulting in a nearly 100% own goal. This Shot also fails when there are rocks (from France's Power Shot) on the ground. He does it in 2 seconds.
Screenshot 2016-03-29-19-58-56 1

Fire Mummy Shot

Counter Attack: Fire Mummy Shot Edit

India's Counter Attack is good. When he counters, he flies forward with the ball into your goal. If you block it, you get knocked out of the screen and return after a few seconds. India's counterattack is very fast. Some pieces of burned stone also appear. India's Counter Attack lasts for 1 second.

Costume: Spinning Hands Costume Edit

Costume 082 India's Costume is the Spinning Hands Costume. It is an SS Rank Costume.

Unlock Requirements Edit

Win the Amateur League without using kick and jump, or you can pay for him for 5,000,000 points. The best characters to use in the process of unlocking him are Thailand, Nepal and Mon-K as well as Spain if you play defensively.

History Edit

Version January 23, 2015
3.2 Added India along with Hungary and Hong Kong.

Trivia Edit

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