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Chile Kicks

Kick is the Power you get when you click on the Kick Button (the middle button of the Power Button, Kick Button, and the Jump Button). When you click on the Kick Button you will kick. This is handy to Counter Power Shots from your opponents and to kick the opponent to kick out their costumes and make them unconscious. You can upgrade your kick stats with points to make your kicks more powerful. This makes it easier to score with hard shots in your opponent's goal.

Achievement Kick Edit

Kick Button

Kick Button

There is also an Achievement called kick. You can't kick and that can be annoying. The opponent can then kick you and you can't do it back. Also, you can't Counter Power Shots from your opponents. Counter Attacks are useless when you can't use kick. You need to find a Character that has a good Air Shot, such as India or Ecuador. Also, you must hold Power Shots and hope the opponent won't score.

Unlock Requirements with don't kick Edit

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