General informations
Full name Luxembourg
Flag Imgres
Character number 37
Stars 5
Power Shot(s) Plant Shot
Unlock Requirements Beat 39 Characters in Arcade without using Kick or pay 3,600,000 points
Icon Icon37
Previous Character 36. Denmark
Next Character 38. Colombia

Luxembourg (Luxembourgish: Lëtzebuerg, German: Luxemburg, French: Luxembourg) is the 37th character in the game, and was introduced in the November 2013 update along with Colombia and Romania. He has fairly challenging Unlock Requirements. Some defining features of Luxembourg are his rock-like purple skin, green irises, grass-like hair (with a sprout growing out of his head), square chin and unintelligent expression.

Power ShotsEdit

Main Power Shot Edit

4 head soccer

Plant Shot

Luxembourg's Power Shot is the Plant Shot. This shot is particularly difficult to block because it fires three spores in rapid succession. A large plant with a mouth sprouts from the ground and fires the first spores on the ground in front of the goal, the second spore fires towards the upper half of the goal (KO's you), and the third and final fires on the ground in front of the goal. This is difficult to block because each spore can make the defender unconsious. All the spores contain the ball, and if the defender successfully blocks the third spore, a large vine will descend from the top of the screen and eat the defender, causing him/her to disappear.

Power Shot Duration : 4s

Counter Attack Edit

IMG 0038-1-

Luxembourg's Counter Attack

Luxembourg, like Greece, Denmark and all the characters after Colombia, has a special Counter Attack. This Counter Attack will send a plant shooting straight forward, which eats the target upon contact and sets Luxembourg up to score.

Counter Attack Duration : 2s

Costume: Shrinking Costume Edit

Costume 069

In Arcade, Luxembourg wears an SS Rank Costume. It is named the Shrinking Costume. This costume makes you smaller if you touch the blue wave it emits. This costume costs 1,300,000 points if you unlocked it after winning against the Cyborg in Survival.

Unlock RequirementsEdit

To unlock Luxembourg, you must defeat 39 characters (every character in the game, up to the last character of the 2.2 update) without using kicking in Arcade. This can be a difficult task, especially when trying to face Asura (so it is recommended to skip him) mainly due to paying 50,000 points just to get an attempt to beat him. Or, to unlock Luxembourg instantly, you can pay 3,600,000 points. It is highly reccomended that you do not use Italy, as if the shot is countered back and you can't kick a goal for the opposition is inevitable.

History Edit

Version November 13, 2013
2.2 Added Luxembourg along with Colombia and Romania.

Tips Edit

A tip (if playing on a computer), is to make kick a key you would never use, like the grave accent (the key right below Esc). That way, you will never use kick, even if you click the usual kicking key. If playing on a mobile device, the best thing to do is enter guided access mode and circle the kick button in the guided access setup screen, making it impossible to click.

Power shot area Edit

When used in the midfield, there's a very high chance of scoring.

When used in the front, there's very high chance of scoring.

When used too far forward, there's very low chance of scoring.

When used too far, there's low chance of scoring.

Trivia Edit

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The Head Soccer Wiki has a collection of images related to Luxembourg.
  • He is, with Spain and Czech Republic, the only characters with green hair (in this case grass).
  • Luxembourg is the only Character in the game with an indigo-colored skin.
  • Luxembourg most likely represents an island or statue, for example, like the Easter Islands.
  • He is the 15th European character in the game.

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