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The Major League is a Game mode in Head Soccer. It's the most difficult league of the three total Leagues.

Description Edit

You start at 10th place. The characters you face tend to be slightly better than in the Minor League or Amateur League. If you win the league you receive 40.000 points. Also if you win the Major league for the first time you unlock Denmark (this is a Glitch). You can also get Z when you win using 10 different characters in the Major League.

Unlock Requirements Edit

If you want to unlock the Major League, you must reach the first place in the Minor League or you must buy it for 300.000 points.

Unlock Requirements in the Major LeagueEdit

List of Characters that you can face in Major League Edit

Trivia Edit

  • In the real world the Major League is the top Baseball league in the USA and Canada.
  • Luxembourg is in every single Major League.