Major League

The Minor League is a game mode in Head Soccer. It is the second of three leagues.

Description Edit

You start the Minor League on the 10th (last) place. The Minor League is a mix of good and bad opponents, but there are often more bad opponents than good opponents. Sometimes there are two Germanies in the same league, which is a huge mistake. And when you don't choose Germany as your character, there will always be a CPU Germany as your opponent in the League. If you win the Minor League, you get 30,000 points. If you win the Minor League for the very first time, you unlock Australia, which is a glitch. You can also unlock Sweden when you win using 5 different Characters in a Minor League.

Unlock Requirements Edit

To unlock the Minor League, you must finish in first place in the Amateur League, or you must pay 200,000 points.

Unlock Requirements with Minor LeagueEdit

List of Characters that you can face in Minor League Edit

Trivia Edit

  • In the real world the Minor League is the second highest baseball league of the USA and Canada.