Naked Characters
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General informations
Name Naked Character
User(s) of this effect Colombia
Effect You are longer, stand still and can't move
Power Shot(s) Name or Costume(s) name Mob Shot
Naked Character is the Power Shot Effect of Colombia.
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Appearance Edit

After a character has gotten hit by Colombia's Mob Shot, he/she will be naked. Most Characters stand in the same posture as South Korea and have the same white skin colour. Like this one:

Types Edit

Normal Naked

Some Characters have a unique body, and those are listed below:

Cyborg Naked

  • Kepler 22B: A green body with the looks of a Alien.

Kepler 22B Naked

  • Portugal: A brown tense body with tensed hands.

Naked Portugal

  • Devil: A blank body with his leg up.

Devil Naked

  • Asura: A brown tense body like Portugal. But he has his hands for his stomach.

Asura Naked

  • Chile: A body looks like normal characters but red.

Chile Naked

  • Valentine: A fat body with a bikini and his/her hands on his(?)/her tits.

Valentine Naked

Super Saiyan Naked

  • Greece: A naked body with a cape.

Greece Naked

  • Sweden: A blank body with a fat stomach.

Sweden Naked

  • Z: A green bone body looks like Cyborg, but in green.

Naked Zombie

  • Israel: A blank body with thick arms and legs.

Israel Naked

  • Luxembourg: A body looks like normal characters but purple.

Luxembourg Naked

  • Colombia: A normal body that looks like normal character, but with a shamed face.

Naked Colombia

  • Romania: A blank body with a cape like Greece but Romania pulls it out.

Romania Naked

Indonesia Naked

  • Ukraine: A black bikini/white underwear

Naked Ukraine 1 Ukraine Naked 2

  • Serbia: A blue swim suit/red underwear

Serbia Naked 1 Serbia Naked 2

  • The Philippines: A fully naked female body (only visible in Death Mode) (picture unavailable)

Trivia Edit