In the Pet Shop, you can buy pets that can help you in the game. You can use them in every Game Mode. You can buy them by spending Points on them, after you unlock them. You can unlock them after you win a Fight Mode. You can also evolve your pets to make them better. There are 3 different types of pets: defense, heal and attack. This new feature was added in Update 6.0, along with the Characters the Philippines, Bolivia, Senegal and Silicon Valley, the Game Mode Fight Mode and the Body Shop.
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Overview of all petsEdit

Pet's number and name Pet Stage 1 Pet Stage 2 Pet Stage 3 Type Price
1) Mole
Pet 1 1
Pet 1 2
Pet 1 3
Defense 20,000
2) Mushroom
Pet 2 1
Pet 2 2
Pet 2 3
Defense 100,000
3) Turtle
Pet 3 1
Pet 3 2
Pet 3 3
Defense 500,000
4) Snail
Pet 4 1
Pet 4 2
Pet 4 3
Defense 500,000
5) Hedgehog
Pet 5 1
Pet 5 2
Pet 5 3
Attack 1,000,000
6) Bee
Pet 6 1
Pet 6 2
Pet 6 3
Attack 1,500,000
7) Seed
Pet 7 1
Pet 7 2
Pet 7 3
Defense 2,000,000
8) Butterfly
Pet 8 1
Pet 8 2
Pet 8 3
Heal 2,500,000
9) Bird
Pet 9 1
Pet 9 2
Pet 9 3
Attack 3,000,000
10) Dinosaur
Pet 10 1
Pet 10 2
Pet 10 3
Defense 3,000,000
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Effects of the petsEdit


Pet 3 1
This mini turtle will mostly stand still, but sometimes he will walk around for a bit and block the ball. When it gets kicked or hit, it will crawl inside its shell. It can also launch players up (Flying Glitch)
Pet 9 1
This little yellow bird sits on top of the goal and flies up every now and then, to shoot a laser which pushes the opponent back while causing some damage in both normal game modes and Fight Mode.

Trivia Edit

  • The pets are probably a reference to the Pokemon franchise:
    • like them, they gain levels.
    • they can evolve in stronger forms (2 times each, like the majorities of Pokemons).
    • There are 3 types of Pets : Defensive, Attacking and Healing.
    • they are little creatures you drag with you in battle (Head Soccer is now more like a battle between to "warriors" like a soccer match, the pets have appeared with the Fight Mode, and Death Mode before can made the game looks like a fighting game).
    • the Stage 1 and 2 of the Mole looks like Diglett.
  • The stage 3 of the Hedgehog is a reference to Sonic the Hedgehog.

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