Stadiums are where you and your opponent play in. There are many different stadiums in different Game Modes.

Indoor Stadium Edit

These are where you play in Survival. They look rundown, with very few spectators. They have brown floors and look like basketball courts with soccer goals.

Head Cup Stadium Edit

These places look cheery and energetic, with cheerleaders, lots of spectators, and Head Cup banners. If you took all that away, however, it'd look like a normal, outdoor stadium.

Outdoor (Normal) Stadium Edit

These look like normal soccer stadiums, with green colored turf, some spectators, and nothing extra to make it look like a Head Cup stadium.

Death Stadium Edit

These can be both indoor and outdoor stadiums. But there are a few things different about these. At first, there is a big banner, with 'Death!' written on. There is also no spectators. Instead of them, there are 2 Characters in cages and some other Characters walking between them (if you haven't beaten them) or being unconscious (if you have beaten them). Also, there's a special Obstacle on the stadium.

Power Shot Stadiums Edit

These are stadiums, that come if some characters click on the power button, like Switzerland's Power Shot; the stadium is full with snow. Also after Power Shots this effect can happen. For example Colombia's Power Shot.

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Fight Mode Backgrounds Edit

These stadiums can only be found in Fight Mode.

The Philippines]] BackgroundEdit

Background fightmode 2

The Philippines' Background is the first custom background of Head Soccer. It happens in a street with stores, restaurant, and buildings.

There will be a crowd of people looking at the match between you and The Philippines.

Senegal BackgroundEdit

Senegal's Background is the main background of Fight Mode.

Like every other characters (except The Philippines, Bolivia and Silicon Valley), this background will be used. The match happens on a boat as the background (sea and mountains) will move to give the impression to be on a real boat.

Bolivia BackgroundEdit

Background fightmode 4

Bolivia's Background is more in a lonely place. There are some plants behind and, the main background has buildings, mountains, and the moon. It happens at night.

Silicon Valley BackgroundEdit

Background fightmode 5

Silicon Valley's background is the last background of Fight Mode. You play on a field with fences next to it. In the background, you can see Silicon Valley's Apple campus. This can explain why there's an apple on his flag.