Hi this is the first Blog post of SwitzerlandDormammu. It is about which characters I want to give Costumes


South Korea - Poop Costume

Cameroon - Bucket Costume

Nigeria - Adventurer Costume

USA - Magician Costume

Russia - Reindeer horns Costume

Argentina - Mouse Ears Costume

Italy - Black Hat Costume

Brazil - Army Costume

Germany - Black Kickboxing Costume

Spain - Golden Opener

France - Shotgun Costume

United Kingdom - Western Costume

The Netherlands - Pig Costume

Cyborg - Apple with Dart Costume

Kepler 22B - Purple Stars Costume

Turkey - Yachtsman Costume

Portugal - Red Bow Costume

Devil - Samurai General Costume

Canada - Santa Costume

Chile - Indian Ornament Costume

Poland - Blue Cap Costume

Asura - Feather Hat Costume

Egypt - Pharaoh Costume

Valentine - Panda Costume

Ireland - Wig Costume

China - Crown Costume

Greece - Knight Costume

New Zealand - Hammer Costume, Tiki Helmet Costume and Tiki Mask Costume

Sweden - Viking Helmet Costume 3 and Spikes Costume

Z - Zombie Costume

Israel - Bunny Ears Costume

Australia - Purple Wizard Costume

Denmark - Viking Helmet Costume 2 and Technology Costume

Luxembourg - Sunflowers Costume and Flowers Costume

Colombia - Police Costume

Thailand - Blue cap with yellow wings Costume

Saudi Arabia - Fire Flame Costume

Switzerland - Green Snail Eyes Costume

Croatia - Cat Costume

Uruguay - Frog Costume

Hungary - Yellow Red Striped Costume

India - Indian Costume

Mon-K - Magnet Costume

Czech Republic - Sawblade Costume

Nepal - Propellor Costume

Ukraine - Spinning Hands Costume

Serbia - Red Cap Costume

WatermelBot - Dragon Costume

Bulgaria - Tail Costume

Finland - Head Soccer Costume

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