Proposal: Deleting the Idea Rating Categories

You know, the Good Ideas and Very Bad Ideas categories.

Reason for this proposal

FS and me couldn't decide what to do, so we let the community decide.

Reasons to support

  • Users might get offended because of the Very Bad Ideas category.
  • They are opinion-based.
  • Users might abuse this category by adding the very good ideas category to their ideas.
  • Users can already say in the comments what they think of an idea.
  • The category doesn't give you feedback. If you get the Very Bad Ideas category, you might not know what you should improve to get rid of the category.

Reasons to oppose

  • An idea that we see took a lot of effort to make, never gets the Very Bad Ideas category. If an idea gets this category, it will encourage people to make their idea better to get rid of the category. So we will get better ideas. If not, we might delete them.
  • When I (and probably other users too) categorize an idea, they go through a list of requirements, to see which category an idea should get. All Good Ideas are approximately as good, which means that the categories are hardly opinion-based.
  • Adding the Very Good Ideas category to your idea counts as vandalism and we can also block people for that.
  • Without the categories, less people will look at ideas. I already see this happen. People make an idea, but don't get ANY reaction to it, resulting in less new ideas on the Wiki. I have been the only one in recent times to comment on ideas. Nobody cares without categories. If you see an idea that has the Good Ideas category, you will probably read it rather than a Bad idea, and rightfully so.
  • Without categories there is no difference anymore between good and bad ideas. If you make a good idea, you should get the Very Good Ideas category as a reward and when you make a bad idea, you should get a category that shows you that you have to improve something.


We can rename the Very Bad Ideas category to something less inhumane.


You can either vote Support, Neutral or Oppose, by using the templates, for example: Support Support-